Thursday, December 28, 2006

Year End

Working this week has been a mixed blessing. Everyone else is on vacation, so there are hundreds fewer e-mails and phone calls. But at the same time it is so boring. I took my portable DVD player yesterday just for some background sound. There is no traffic and the Vanpool has been getting to the city at 6:30 am, the AC is not even on at that time in the morning. It would be cool if I could knit, but that would be frowned upon. Anyway it's almost over, along with the year.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I Heard From My Sockret Pal

I received a big box of Truffles from my Sockret Pal for Christmas. There was the cutest stocking attached to the box with a gift tag. No picture of the actual candy, I forgot before it was opened and passed around. I love the little stocking. I cannot tell if it is the same pattern that comes with the Loopy Ewe keychain or not. Very cute all the same, it now hangs over my desk.

Also, I have posted the most wonderful picture of nephew Lebron aka Boomie. Look at those golden eyes. This is one of his "Daddy I would rather you were rubbing me, than messing around with that camera" poses. He is quite the spoiled pup and thinks he is a lap dog even though he weighs in at 50 plus pounds. Ah, but the chocolately top of his head is the softest thing you could ever feel. I have been promised a picture of his sister, Lexie. She does not like the camera so much and the pictures I have of her aren't cute.

Socks Done

I finished my Redwood Forest and Yukon socks in KnitPicks Memories yarn. I am not allowing myself to cast on any more socks until I finish the toe up Grey and Camouflauge socks, and the two front panels of my sweater. But as a treat/reward I am going to cast on some Socks That Rock socks.

Christmas was strange. Some uninvited guest showed up, not good. I received three Stitch N Bitch Knitting Calendars, three boxes of the same assorted chocolates from See's Candies. I am hoping Barnes & Noble will take at least one of the calendars in exchange for a book or something else. The candy will be regifted, because we also received 1 lb of Nuts & Chews (which we love), and a gift certificate for One Pound of See's Candies. My lovely Michael did make up for the gift weirdness though by giving me a lovely piece of Louis Vuitton this year. He usually buys me Coach or Chanel, so the Louis really blew me away.

I just found out that two of my friends moved - one from England to Arizona, the other from Las Vegas to Florida. That was a surprise.

I am going to start crocheting for the next craft fair, several people asked me if I was selling anything this year. I skipped last year's. Evidently people are in need of scarves and shawls. So I am going to whip some up between socks.

I am finally feeling better, I still have a swollen gland and a bit of trouble breathing. But I feel better. So I guess I am on the mend. FINALLY - it's been three weeks.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Invisible Progress

I am working on my lace shawls and I feel a little cheated that I don't get to move my progress bars at all. I do about 4 rows on each per night and that's like 1600 stitches, but it's less than a inch per shawl. So what's that on a progress bar .0000016??? Not fair. I worked on my Memories Yukon sock last night for a sense of accomplishment. I did my toe decreases, but was too tired to kitchner stitch the toes. I will do that tonight.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Starting to Smell a Lot Like Christmas

We got a gorgeous tree yesterday and it smells so good. I lugged all my gifts downstairs to be transferred to the appropriate sized gift bags. We still need to raid the garage for the vintage ornaments, recycled icycles and hundred year old lights :D The reindeer mat is out and the little ceramic dog is sporting his red santa hat. There is the smell of wonderful things baking and the weather feels like the north pole. My goodness - it must almost be Christmas.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not Well ~ Oh Well

I have not knitted since Tuesday at Chicks with Sticks. I have been feeling poorly and it was all I could do to drag myself out to work each day. It is year end and there was much to do in my AP Dept. I also wanted to be there to personally hand out raises and bonuses to both my departments. Our firm Holiday party was Friday and kind of mandatory for management. Saturday I had to get some groceries in the house, we needed basics like milk, bread, juice, eggs, etc. Now that's all done I am going to probably sleep the rest of today. I have to go to work tomorrow so, I need all my strength. But no knitting is getting done. I was just approaching the toe decreases on my Memories Yukon and Redwood Forest socks. My poor sweater is feeling totally neglected, and I was just getting in the groove with the lace shawls. Hopefully I will have a little more pep this upcoming week. My secret and sockret pals have gotten their Dec packages and liked them, yeah. I am enjoying all of the wonderful items my pal sent me. I have a dozen holiday cards to get in the mail and a UPS return. I will be glad at week's end - 3 days off. We are doing dinner Christmas eve, so Christmas can be a quiet recuperative day. Our tree is gorgeous and smells wonderful. Still lots of baking to do.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The Snape Cast podcast has put forth some very interesting theories. I am going to spend some time on some of their questions and post some of mine to them as well. I cannot wait to see what they respond. Is Madame Pinz, Eileen Prinz without an "R"? Did Snape have a crush on Lilly, or Narcissa? Is he an animagus - spider? I just received Harry Potter Scene It. Pretty good game. The DVD is packed with clips.

I just received my DVD collections for Bones, Criminal Minds and The Wire so I will have lots of backgorund noise company as I knit.

Friday, December 08, 2006

* * * and More :D

Yesterday I received yet another package from my SP9 Pal. Are you jealous yet?? It was chock full of yarny goodness, and holiday helpers. A box of gift cards that are so cute. A small quilted tag. A sweater stone which will be put to use this weekend for sure. A bag full of Knit Picks Palette Peruvian Wool yarn in a soft beige color, 6 whole balls. I know who Santa's favorite helper is, my SP9 Pal.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More More More

More goodies from my SP 9 Pal. What a lady, she has the most generous heart and spirit. I received a Debbie Sotller Stitch 'N Bitch 2007 Page-A-Day Calendar: The Knitter's Calendar. I will think of her every day of 2007 as I use my calendar! You must check this thing out, it has way more than patterns in it. There are hints and tips, suggestions for designing, how to figure out yarn needs, loads of knitting knowledge. It's actually a miniature book that you can keep right on the edge of your desk. Pretty cool.

Now this little beauty is especially appreciated. Every time I go into B&N I look to seek if there is a copy of the Stitch "N Bitch: A Knitter's Design Journal that someone has cracked open the plastic on. I have all of Debbie Stoller's books and I have wanted the handbook and journal, but I was afraid that it would just be a repeat of what I already have. So, although I was not willing to open the plastic, I was hoping someone else would so I could take a peak. Well now I have my very own copy. It is wonderful. It has lots of pages for my notes and concept drawings and I have already tossed aside the little note pad I was using on my lace project, and I started using my journal last night. Thanks again SP9.

The Order of The Phoenix

I listen to the HP audio books constantly. They are great to knit to when I am out of podcasts. I heard two things I never heard before, probably because I am looking at everything that comes out re OOP.

First: in his speech to Harry about Snape overhearing the prophecy, Dumbledore says he was interviewing Trelawney even though he was not sure he wanted to continue with Divination at Hogwarts. Why - what happened with the previous Divination Professor and the previous Potions Professor. That must have been a heck of a school year for him to have two positions to fill. He was interviewing Trelawney and Snape - were the previous Professors possibly OOP members who had been killed?

Second: There was someone else who knew what the full prophecy said - The Keeper of The Hall of Prophecies. He or she labeled the prophecy originally and then changed it after the Potters were attacked. Per Dumbledore OOP Pg 842 pb Who was the keeper of the hall in those days?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Movies and Such

The Order of The Phoenix - I have watched all of the the trailers, listened to all of the podcasts and watched the filming clips during Prizoner of Azkaban and The Chamber of Secrets. I think the OTP is going to be excellent. The casting was great - so happy to see Gary Oldman back as Sirius Black (after he's had a good wash ;P ) Umbridge, I don't know, she looks sickly sweet - I need to hear her deliver some lines to see if she can bring off truly evil. I do agree that Dan Radcliffe's hair is too short and neat. But he looks great, he really looks like a fifth year.

Eragon - I am just now reading this because I could not balance that humongus hardcopy version. I bought the paperback last week and look forward to starting it tomorrow. I have 20 odd pages left to read in 24 Declassified. I agree with the podcasters on this too - I now shop the young adult section of the bookstore all the time too. There are some really good reads there. The trailers have been really fun to watch, great shots. I like the dragons forms, they look like serpents. I am a Gryffindor, but I appreciate a well done snake.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Secret Pal 9 Contest #2 - Recipes of Love

Our Secret Pal hostess has come up with an interesting contest - food, or more specifically, recipes that are family related. It's quite a coincidence that I just posted our Family Reunion Cookbook in my Gallery of Love. Our family has been gathering for family reunions since 1985. In 2005 California was hosting and the committee came up with a Turner Family Cookbook as a way to bring some warm family memories together. As you can see in my post below about the Thanksgiving Feast at my sister's house, food is an important element of our family gatherings. The theme of the cookbook is - family favorites. There are those comfort foods you know you can always get at a particular Cousin, Aunt or Mother's home. We look forward to the tastes and the memories associated with them. So we created a cookbook and plan to add to it for each reunion. The recipe I choose for this contest isn't the fanciest or even the tastiest, but it is the one that brings tears to my eyes. The Corn Pea Salad was a recipe that belonged to my Cousin Mickey who died of cancer seven years ago. She was more a Sister than a Cousin. My Mom moved her to California when she graduated from high school and she lived with us until she got married. She came to dinner every Sunday and we took her daughter Annette with us on family trips, and her Grandson Antonio stayed with us on weekends while Mickey worked. I love all of my family, and I am blessed with a very large one. But Mickey was special, and I miss her so much. I cry as I type this because just thinking about her Gold carnival glass bowl she always used, the Star Wars blanket we always bundled Tony up in, and the scary ashtma attacks Annette used to have make me realize, again, how much we have lost in losing her so early in her life to cancer.

Please try this simple salad and know that it comes from an angel who you would liked if you'd ever met her. She was beautiful, quiet and caring.

Pea Corn Salad
2 cans whole kernel corn drained
2 cans green peas drained
1 bunch green onions chopped
½ cup mayonnaise
1 tsp Lawrey's seasoning salt
¼ tsp pepper or to taste
1 medium head of iceberg lettuce finely chopped

Wash and dry lettuce and green onions. Combine mayonnaise,

chopped green onions, lettuce with cans of drained whole kernel
corn and peas. Season and mix. Chill in refrigerator until ready
to serve.

Servings: 20
Recipe Type Salad
Recipe Author: Fay Williams
Source: Hellois (Mickey) Williams


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cast On Report

Candle Flame Shawl created by Debra Bright
in Grape Hyacinth Alpaca Silk Blend (Knit Picks)

Toe Up Sock created by Kelley Petkun
in Bernat Sox Grey
and Bernat Sox Army Camoflauge
2nd socks of pairs

Cuff Down Socks by Nenah Galati Knitting Korner
in Memories Redwood Forest (Knit Picks)
and Memories Yukon (Knit Picks)

Columbine Peak Sock by Cat Bordhi
in Essential Solid Burgundy (Knit Picks)

Broadripple Socks by Rob Matyska
in Lisa Souza Lime & Violet
Had to rippit, dropped a ssk on row three and did not see it until row six. Have to start this one again.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Super Pal 9 Report

My SP9 Pal struck again. Yesterday I received an unbelievable gift box from my Secret Pal.

Just feast your eyes on these Goodies:
3 hanks of Berroco Cotton Twist in a variegated pink colorway. The gold in there may not show up well in the photos - but it really sparkles. A very cute, and extremely useful, Stationery Tool Kit containing miniature tape dispenser, tape, hole punch, staple remover, stapler and staples in a handy little carrying case. Needless to say that was popped right into the project bag. And beyond the limits - a set of NAMASTE knitting needles. DIG THAT CASE. Oh my goodness, this is a gorgeous set!! Once again my Secret Pal 9 has me doing the happy dance. Thank you so much.

Sweater Report

Both front pieces are coming along about 4 more inches to the armhole.

Sock Report

Nov. 24, 2006
Cast On:
Second Grey Bernat Sock
Second Camouflauge Sock
First Knit Pick Essential Burgundty Sock

Still have afterthought heel to insert in First Grey Sock and First Camouflauge Sock.
Hate the toe up - afterthought heel method!!!

Completed both pairs of CUFF DOWN Knit Picks Memories socks
in Pansy and Smores colorways.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Family Feast

My Sister hosted dinner today and it was an absolute feast. Hor d'ouvres were cheeses, salami, nuts, chocolates, crackers and stuffed mushrooms with white and red wine, sparkling ciders, sodas, tea and water. Main course was roast, potato and carrots, au jus. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, greens, string beans, yams, macaroni and cheese, crescent rolls, cranberry sauce and jello molds. Desserts, 5 potato pies, 2 cheesecakes, brownies, pinapple upside down cake, pecan pie, whipped cream, and coffee. Leftovers and greenies for the dogs.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanks Given

I am thankful for my family, my friends and some of the people I work with. I am thankful for my house, my dog, my new car and my American Express Blue. I am thankful for the skills, creativity, and stick-with-it-ness I have inherited. I am thankful for priority mail, usps and media mail. I am thankful for my laptops, my desk top computers and my iPods. I am thankful for writers, binders, designers, spinners, dyers and those who make/manufacture needles and hooks. I am thankful for my dog, yep twice, cause he's so darn cute and gives me unconditional love, even when I don't want doggie kisses. I am thankful to be able to see, to hear, to walk, to speak, to reason, to know, to wonder, to cry, to try, to discover, to taste, to feel, to heal, to read, to knit, to crochet, to watch, to listen, to create, to improve, to teach, to laugh, to protect, to give, to encourage, to bless, to pray, to play, to rub bellies heads and behind the ears.

I do, however, wonder what it would have been like here if Columbus had not found America. No thank you.

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's Lavender Baby

My Secret Pal 9 sent some of the loveliest soap to me today. It smells so good that I probably won't want to use it for washing. It is especially made for knitters. The bars are soft and creamy and fabulous. Soapmaker: Soapy Soap by Plimoth Sudsy Soap Shoppe. You have to smell it to really appreciate the quality and fragrance.
Thanks Pal

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gallery of Finished Projects

I have finally gotten my Gallery up and running. There is a link in the sidebar to the Gallery of Love []. I am uploading more photos all the time and more projects will be added shortly. I am almost finished with sock #2 for my sockret pal, and my grey sock. I have added 6 rows to my Lime & Violet shawl. I am dying to cast on more socks and my lace shawl. I now have a dilemma regarding the lace shawls. I have too many patterns to choose from.
Top Contenders:
Pearly Elegance Shawl
Triangle Cover Shawl
Half-Pi Shawl
But I must finish the front of my Cardigan and cast on the sleeves before I start any more projects.

I updated my inventory and added all of that fabulous yarn previously posted, my new tools, purchased patterns, and knit picks needles that I recently purchased. That is why I am so anxious to cast on some of these projects I bought all of these materials for. Soon and very soon ***

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I renewed my Barnes and Noble membership at last. I bought my 2007 Castles Calendar, Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches audiobook on CD and a cute Posh Pooches knit set. So I am one third of the way through the $25 outlay for the membership and will be getting the "real" discount soon. I received e-mail coupons, one for a Scrabble set in Black Onyx, yum, sounds beautiful. The other coupon is for James Patterson's book CROSS. I was going to get that anyway, but with this coupon it is less than $14 bucks. Cool.

It is freezing today. My poor dog son is stuck outside today too. I just hope it does not rain.

I dropped a stitch on my sock laughing at Lime & Violet last night. They are really doing big things though. Too bad plutonic boyfriend is moving, he had finally come out of his shell and was sharing his perspective on the male knitting world. After listening to David and PB, I realized there is a major shortage on patterns for men. I received my Interweave Knits magazine yesterday, and there were only two patterns for blokes. But at least one of the sweaters listed the designer, I am going to google him tonight. Though the man in my life has four legs, long hair, and won't wear clothes - I might like to knit something for a guy someday.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What's Around my Bookmark

I finished The Amber Room. Not a surprise ending. I am now reading 24 Declassified. The TV series is very well done, Kiefer Sutherland's best role since The Lost Boys. I am glad they novelized several of the episodes. They are perfect for commute travel. I listened to the first three episodes of David Reidy's Sticks and Strings podcast - about a bloke in Australia who knits. I have to admit, I don't know half of what he said at the end of episode two. By the time he was half way through I was fantasizing about a bloke in Australia who knits and has fat contented cats and letting his voice fill in the blanks. I will listen to that episode again and try to actually listen to him. :~>
I do know he made his Mum a striped cardigan for Christmas. Sounds very similar to the cardigan I made my Mom for her birthday. I look forward to his pictures being posted.
Check him out

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ouch - more Needles

Oh yeah, while I am on the stash issue, I ordered more KnitPicks options needles yesterday. I HAD to, the 24 inch cables are too long when I am only doing one sock at a time. I NEEDED the 16 inch size 3s I am sure you understand. A person cannot have a lopsided stash, how can I ever work up all this yarn if I don't have needles for every colorway? DUH?!?

Confession is good for the soul right?? I ordered more Knitz & Glitz stitchmarkers too. I have always loved Seahorses and those Las Vegas Dice - perfecto mundo.

Okay, that's all. Really, that's all. I don't get paid until tomorrow :D

Alrighty Then

My Sockret Pal has received her goodies and acknowledged them on her blog. Lovely, lovely. I myself was bragging on my Secret Pal 9 and Sockret Pal today at Chicks With Sticks. They both selected Silk blend yarns for me and the colors are really fabulous together. I am going to use them on my next project. They are both sock weight and the needle sizes are within the same range. I am thinking a lace pattern. Hmmm cannot wait to get started - oh, but I must. I just cast on the second sock for my Sockret Pal. I have completed the cuff and I am about one inch down the leg. I will have to order more of this yarn because I absolutely love these socks. I want some too. My smores socks are nice and toasty. I still have one Grey and one Camoflauge sock to complete. Toe up just is not my thing. I can do cuff down socks in a couple of days. Now I know. . .

I just ordered the Country Hills Christmas sock yarn - all three colorways. The store bought Holiday socks I own are all too tight at the cuff. Now I can make my own and make them fit perfectly. Is that cool or what?

Okay, I know I need to address this stash thing. I actually felt bad about my stash last week. I had to move two of those collapsible hampers full of yarn out of the way to get to my sheets so I could change my bed. It was a bit overwhelming, and I thought. What am I going to do with all this yarn? I have TOO MUCH. I put the hampers back, made my bed, climbed into it with my laptop and ordered two more skeins of Socks that Rock and registered for the 2007 Socks That Rock Club. I feel better now.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

No No No

I FELTED my CASHMERE scarf. Condolences can be sent to

Friday, November 10, 2006

Gotta Heal the Heel

I have to rip the heel on my second Smores Memories Sock. It just came out wonky, I think the working 2 stitches past halfway is one stitch too many. I always have more stitches on one side. I did not do that with the Pansy sock heel I turned last night and it came out perfectly even, all the stitches ended up on the same needle at the same time. Very important since these socks are for my Sockret Pal. I want them to be perfect.

I am reading The Amber Room by Steve Berry, wow can you imagine, a room with intricately carved amber walls. All of the desks, ashtrays, vases, everything is all amber. Just the thought sounds breathtaking. Of course the heroes of our story have not found the missing pieces of the room yet, the nazi cave they just uncovered was empty (sigh). But at least they didn't get buried when the cave collapsed and the assassin didn't get to kill the heroine before making his escape.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Awesome Secret Pal 9

I am so excited. I was home sick today - girl problems. Feeling sorry for myself and recuperating from a long weekend trip with my Mom. The doorbell rings, and I am dreading a trip up and down the stairs because my Motrin is finally kicking in. But our mail carrier rarely rings the doorbell because I shop online and pretty much get a package every other day. So since he rang the bell I thought I'd better go on down. You can not imagine my excitement. I got my second skein of Socks that Rock in the Highway 30 colorway and a big box from my Secret Pal 9. I am thinking, Lord what all has my Pal sent me in this big old box. SO my dog child helps me back up the stairs - I kid you not, he took each stair with me, one at a time - my boy. We get to the top and I round the corner and pop my packages on the bed. I open my STR to check the colorway and then I get out the box cutter. Oh my doG I received a box load of the extraordinary Valley Yarns Bershire Bulky 85% Wool 15% Alpaca yarn in Olive. I cannot tell you all how much I love this yarn. I have almost every pattern Webs sells from Valley Yarns and I am making a cardigan in the Gray Berkshire Bulky yarn. It is soft and luxurious and feels really good against the skin. This yarn works up fast for instant gratification, it is wonderful. OKAY, now, as if that wasn't fantastic enough. My Secret Pal 9 bought me the most wanted item on my wish list - the ROW COUNTER PLUS, yes yes yes!!! The Advanced Electronic Row Counter for Knitters. Too COOL!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH PAL. You cannot know how good this made me feel, especially today. I needed something this great to help me face going back to work tomorrow still feeling like crap. You see, tomorrow is Chicks with Sticks at lunchtime at work and I will be showing off my gifts from YOU. Thanks bunches. Unfortunately, my child that loves me so much, took off and went to hide in his bed when I started screaming with joy over the row counter and yarn.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


My sock creations.

Socks of the future.
Oodles of Sock Yarn.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Unhappy Halloween

Unhappy Halloween!!!! I left work at 4:00 pm last night and got home at 7:20 pm. Ridiculous. I did not even feel like knitting or listening to the new Lime & Violet Podcast that downloaded to my iTunes file. I was fried. Come on - little lottery balls, line up for me 4 -7- 13-21-47- and 5 Sheez, even the dog wouldn't talk to me when I got home : {

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What's a Gifter To Do

I saw the friend I was making the Karabella Sweater for this weekend and she is no longer a medium. Thank goodness I did not get any further than I did. I completed the back and half of the left front only, and I was still searching for buttons. Whew, what a save. Not only do I not intend to complete the sweater for her, she provided a wish list for gifts that I much prefer shopping from. BUT I had a brainstorm, I am going to take the back of the sweater seam it up the sides and make a cabled handbag. The portion of the left front I completed can be seamed on to the front as the flap closure. I'll line it - Et Voila.

I received the rest of the KnitPicks sock yarns. I ordered every color way they had left in stock. The pictures in the catalog and online really don't do justice to the actual yarn colors. Therefore, I ordered everything so I could see it for myself. Whatever I don't knit or keep will go out to my Sock and Secret Pals. I had already bought them other yarns, making these hanks a little added bonus. Unfortunately I am not going to get the special items I ordered for them by my November shipping date. It really is a bummer because it was the perfect thing for Christmas. Shoot, this is the only time Herrschners has ever let me down - don't you just hate the word BACKORDERED???

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I received an elegant gift from my SOCKRET PAL today.

The yarn is so soft and smooth. I plan on making something special with it. What a great keepsake box, a soft cushioned place to store all of my stitch markers and options size buttons. The stitch markers my Pal sent me are like jewels. Brilliant. Thanks REAL Sockret Pal :D

Friday, October 27, 2006

Nenah Socks

I have made a great deal of progress on the Grey Sweater and I have almost completed my Smores sock, I have picked up the gusset and began my decreases. I confess that I much prefer the Nenah Gelati top down method to the Knitty toe up method. It is just working up so much faster for me. I tried three socks on two circular needles and it worked fine, it was fun. But I had to separate the triplets to work the heel flap on the top down Smores sock. I have photos, but every time I try to upload photos or add buttons to my sidebar Blogger goes bonkers. So what the hey, me and my Secret Pal 9 are the only ones looking at this blog anyway. Photos can wait. I have started a lovely wrap in the Lime & Violet Lisa Souza yarn. Finally I found the perfect pattern stitch for this yarn. I have really nice blocks of the Lime and the Violet coming out with this stitch pattern. Pretty Pretty. I have not taken my glass needles for a test drive yet. Too much going on already. Luckily my podcasters are back on the airways so I have someone to keep me company. If only I drove, I could get to some of the stitch groups in the city or start one at the Barnes & Noble down the way. BIG SIGH. Other things must come first - like public safety. So I will just have to work the hooks and needles with the company of my computer. Time to kick off Cast On and complete my decreases on this sock tonight.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mail Call

My superb glass circular needles arrived from Michael and Sheila Ernst. They are beautiful. I also received a butt load of yarn from Webs, Herrschners and KnitPicks. My Country Clare Socks that Rock came from Blue Moon Fiber Arts too. Can you say gorgeous?!?! I ordered a second skein in a different colorway - Highway 30. I got the Half-Pi Shawl pattern from Rosie Knits. I want to try something simple before I start the other lace pattern I bought from KnitPicks. I am using KnitPicks yarn for this shawl though - Gossamer in Caribbean color way.

I still have not heard from my Sockret Pal, whereas my Secret Pal 9 just sent me a note that she has more goodies for me. Both my pals received their packages from me. I am packing up their next ones now. I have three socks to take pics of for the Socktoberfest site.
I started another pattern in the Lisa Souza, I am happy with this one. FINALLY!!!

Isn't my clock cool? I found that on the block of one of the Sockret Pals. Blogger keeps screwing up my site. The posting I created at work did not save, so I am typing this one. Which of course is not nearly as clever as the one I created earlier.

Glass L&V Needles:
Socks That Rock:
LV Stitchmarkers: Knitz Glitz ==> sidebar

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Casting On

I put another couple of inches on my Grey Sweater and started the ribbing on the Grey and Camoflauge socks. I also cast on a top down sock in KnitPicks Smores Memories yarn - YUM. More goodies came in the mail for my Secret/Sockret Pals. I am shipping a box of yarn to my Cousin in Oak Park, MI. I ordered more of the Memories yarn once I saw and started swifting the hanks that came yesterday. I actually had time to do chores, and perm my hair too. It is my wonderful sister's birthday today, and I celebrated that too. Back to work tomorrow.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stash Enhancement (yes, again)

A couple of Koigus and a Little Lorna's Laces.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

They're Baaccck

Lime & Violet are back, and their podcast had me laughing out loud. They are way too much. If you have not checked them out before and are on a budget of any kind, don't go to their blog. They are constantly coming out with really lovely things - glass circular needles by the Ernsts, a glass "do not" drop spindle and many yarn producers hand dying in Lime and Violet colorways. It is beyond addictive, it's obsessive - SERIOUSLY!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Alrighty Then

I have found the pattern I am going to stick with for the Lime & Violet Lisa Souza yarn. Nope no peeking. I want to complete at least 25% of it before I post the first photo. It will take that much to really appreciate the selected pattern. My UFO toe up socks call for an after thought heel. I am not sure I like this method. I will reserve judgment for now, but I like Nenah Gelati's short row heel a lot. I did a test drive on my Lantern Moon circulars - ooh wee, this is the first time I loved knitting a gauge swatch. Glad I splurged on them. The wonderful Pixie Purl has a new podcast out. Lots of stuff going on out there folks, if I wasn't working on keeping count I would have been bouncing through her show notes. I have been chatting with my secrect pal and I hope she likes her gifts. I want to send everything right now, but I can't. I will need to hold out so I have something for each monthly send. Not going to be easy. Our chicks with sticks group was fun, we got to chat a lot about what knitting does for us. Mostly it is for relaxation, I also find it very gratifying to be able to make clothing just for me. In the color, texture and size I prefer. You can't beat that!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Couture Crochet

Okay I know I am already doing a bazillion things, but I just found a Crochet Along that is attempting to reverse engineer a Ferragamo Crocheted purse that totally rocks. I am there. My Secret Pals and I have been in touch, I am really enjoying my goodies. I just printed the Diamante sock pattern from to use that Yummy blue yarn my Pal sent me. I got a super package from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe. Check out her web site, she gives you as many goodies as you order just about. The shipping was lightening fast too. Not to be outdone, I have also pulled out three more possible patterns for my Lime & Violet yarn.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sweet Crochet Along

Through various means, e-mails, and links I found a great Crochet Along. It is for the Sweet top down raglan sweater. Details can be found at Crochet Me website.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Secret Pal 9 is Awesome

Look what I got from my Secret Pal 9.
This blue is so yummy!!

Secret Pal 9 Contest Answers

Actor - Vin Diesel
Actress - Goldie Hawn
Animal - My Dachsund
Band - Hiroshima
Book - Maia by Richard Adams
Bubble Bath - Herbal Essences
Candy - See's Candies California Brittle
Color - Blue
Flower - Sterling Silver Rose
Food - Pizza
Lip Balm - none
Lotion - Cocoa Butter
Movie - Big Country
Song - Unspoken Love
TV Show - CSI Las Vegas
Vacation Spot - Alaska

Heel Time

I am ready to start the heels of my socks - yahoo. I have cast on the
fronts of my sweater. The pattern suggested casting on both the right
and left front panels together to make sure they come out even. I
think that makes sense. I always knit both sleeves at the same time.
I had a little trouble with my KnitPicks cables; the ones I bought to
supplement my set. Those great folks wisked out replacement cables
as soon as they checked to see which ones I needed. Stellar customer
service - KnitPicks is awesome. They are advertising some lovely sock
yarn right now too. I better get my order in, my secret pal happens to
like their yarn and these colors in particular.

My crochet class was a bit disappointing. Only one of the invitees
showed up. But she was great, she started a hat and completed the
crown before she left. Given enough time she will finish it. She could
read a pattern like a pro. I, however, did not start my afghan. I need
to get to that this weekend. I also want to finish my LibriVox
recording this weekend. I want to upload the recording so I can
move on to some other projects.

I discovered that the sock yarn I purchased requires only one ball

for a pair of socks. I am seriously considering listing some Noro and
my extra sock yarn on Destash. I have not seen the color appear on
my Sockret Pals blog, so I won't send it to her. I got another shout
out, this one from Carrie Ann Dennison of BritKnit Cast. I asked her
if she knew of any Crochet Alongs and she mentioned it in the last
episode of her podcast - cool. Maybe one of her listeners knows of a
crochet along, or may want to begin one.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I finished the back of my Cardigan. So I now have two sweater backs completed.
On My Needles Tonight:
Traveling Cable Cardigan 20 % complete
Camouflage Socks 15% complete
Grey Socks 15% complete
Grey Cardigan 23% complete

Other Projects:
LibriVox recording The Yosemite by John Muir
2 of 7 pages read and edited

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

On My Needles

My socks and cardigan are really coming along.

Where are my socks?

My posting of my socks on the needles and my sweater in progress seem to have gone missing. I posted them Sunday, hmmm, I will have to recreate that post when I get home. I have been posting t o my knit along sites and neglecting my own. So lets see, what's going on? Monday I got caught up on my podcasts, and sent some e-mails off to customer service regarding my recent orders. I kept getting the wrong pattern, due to similar pattern names. I received the correct one via e-mail last night. So I can work up my gauge swatch for that sweater tonight.

A nice simple pullover.

Tuesday our Chicks With Sticks group reconvened. Much fun. We got to hear about LG's trip to Turkey and her Turkish bath Experience. Sounds like she had a great time. RK has started on her new winter scarf and the colors are bright and beautiful. I added a couple of inches to my Grey Cardigan. Every night I add a few rows to my socks. I have cards to send off to my Secret Pals and my sponsor child. The Lime & Violet knit along starts next Friday, and none of the gauge swatches I worked up look like anything. LG suggested making something solid and using the L&V yarn as an accent. I will look at it from that perspective next week and see what I can come up with by 10-13-06. New podcast and website for Knitty D and The City. I liked the version they had up last week better, but it is a work in progress they say.