Friday, October 27, 2006

Nenah Socks

I have made a great deal of progress on the Grey Sweater and I have almost completed my Smores sock, I have picked up the gusset and began my decreases. I confess that I much prefer the Nenah Gelati top down method to the Knitty toe up method. It is just working up so much faster for me. I tried three socks on two circular needles and it worked fine, it was fun. But I had to separate the triplets to work the heel flap on the top down Smores sock. I have photos, but every time I try to upload photos or add buttons to my sidebar Blogger goes bonkers. So what the hey, me and my Secret Pal 9 are the only ones looking at this blog anyway. Photos can wait. I have started a lovely wrap in the Lime & Violet Lisa Souza yarn. Finally I found the perfect pattern stitch for this yarn. I have really nice blocks of the Lime and the Violet coming out with this stitch pattern. Pretty Pretty. I have not taken my glass needles for a test drive yet. Too much going on already. Luckily my podcasters are back on the airways so I have someone to keep me company. If only I drove, I could get to some of the stitch groups in the city or start one at the Barnes & Noble down the way. BIG SIGH. Other things must come first - like public safety. So I will just have to work the hooks and needles with the company of my computer. Time to kick off Cast On and complete my decreases on this sock tonight.

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