Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Order of The Phoenix

I listen to the HP audio books constantly. They are great to knit to when I am out of podcasts. I heard two things I never heard before, probably because I am looking at everything that comes out re OOP.

First: in his speech to Harry about Snape overhearing the prophecy, Dumbledore says he was interviewing Trelawney even though he was not sure he wanted to continue with Divination at Hogwarts. Why - what happened with the previous Divination Professor and the previous Potions Professor. That must have been a heck of a school year for him to have two positions to fill. He was interviewing Trelawney and Snape - were the previous Professors possibly OOP members who had been killed?

Second: There was someone else who knew what the full prophecy said - The Keeper of The Hall of Prophecies. He or she labeled the prophecy originally and then changed it after the Potters were attacked. Per Dumbledore OOP Pg 842 pb Who was the keeper of the hall in those days?

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