Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brief Update

Surgery went well, they removed a tumor and several fibroids 4 x 6 inches in size and a few other things. I got home last Friday 8/13, and things are progressing. I go in to have the sutures removed today 8/19. The body wrap bandage they put on after surgery removed my skin in several places, that is the only real healing problem right now. I am using New Skin liquid bandages to keep the areas covered and prevent infection.

I started the Cobblestone sweater in the Emerald Blue colorway.

I started Jane's Birthday Clapotis in Interlacement Tiny Toes #209 and #201. I am on section 3, the straight section.

I also started a pair of plain stockinette socks in the Happy Choices Color 6. Some nights I feel up to knitting, but mostly I don't. Very disappointing, I visualized lots of knitting on my time off. Charts are completely out of the question I cannot bend over or keep them positioned in a way that is easy to move the post-it tape or a ruler.

My Hansen Mini Spinner arrived yesterday, I am totally thrilled. It's so beautiful. Mine is number #318. I am hoping I feel up to giving it a spin this weekend.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Checking In

I have been away from the blog for too long. Posting daily for Tour de Fleece was time consuming and draining. I did spin 28 ounces of fiber which was way more than planned. Then I had to ply it. I ended up with 640 yards of handspun from the two 8 oz braids and 224 yards from each of the 4 oz bumps. I am pleased with that. I have no plans for the yarn, I am just trying to learn how to spin and get familiar with my wheel.

I have had some real frustration with my spinning wheel, the con rod on the right treadle broke on Saturday. The squeaking had returned to the left treadle too. I am really tired of taking it apart and fixing things, so I stuck it under the craft table. I was trying to spin as much as possible until surgery because I will not be able to treadle again until Dec at least. I really think this is an inordinate amount of problems for a spinning wheel that is only 2 months in use. I wouldn't recommend this model to anyone, it is hard enough learning to spin without having to constantly work on the spinning wheel itself. I ordered an electronic spinning wheel - the Hansen Mini Spinner, no treadles to deal with. It should come the week after I get out of the hospital.

I have also been plurking quite a bit. So that's where I have been. I will probably be blogging much more when I am on medical leave. I know I will be knitting and reading more.