Thursday, October 12, 2006

Heel Time

I am ready to start the heels of my socks - yahoo. I have cast on the
fronts of my sweater. The pattern suggested casting on both the right
and left front panels together to make sure they come out even. I
think that makes sense. I always knit both sleeves at the same time.
I had a little trouble with my KnitPicks cables; the ones I bought to
supplement my set. Those great folks wisked out replacement cables
as soon as they checked to see which ones I needed. Stellar customer
service - KnitPicks is awesome. They are advertising some lovely sock
yarn right now too. I better get my order in, my secret pal happens to
like their yarn and these colors in particular.

My crochet class was a bit disappointing. Only one of the invitees
showed up. But she was great, she started a hat and completed the
crown before she left. Given enough time she will finish it. She could
read a pattern like a pro. I, however, did not start my afghan. I need
to get to that this weekend. I also want to finish my LibriVox
recording this weekend. I want to upload the recording so I can
move on to some other projects.

I discovered that the sock yarn I purchased requires only one ball

for a pair of socks. I am seriously considering listing some Noro and
my extra sock yarn on Destash. I have not seen the color appear on
my Sockret Pals blog, so I won't send it to her. I got another shout
out, this one from Carrie Ann Dennison of BritKnit Cast. I asked her
if she knew of any Crochet Alongs and she mentioned it in the last
episode of her podcast - cool. Maybe one of her listeners knows of a
crochet along, or may want to begin one.

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