Saturday, November 27, 2010

Making Progress

I managed to finish a couple of Christmas presents.

I finished Debbie's scarf. The Scrunchable scarf in SeeJayneKnit's Dexter colorway.

A new pair of socks for Julie. They are knit from Duet Skinny.
I scored a Phat Fiber box November 2010 version, the theme was a Season of Light. This is a Fluffy box which contains fiber samples, a spindle, patterns and several coupons.

I received a great package from my Fallmaggedon swap pal Sadie aka Blueruin on Ravelry. She sent me lots of Inuit teas, beautiful yarn and a braid of fiber she dyed herself. There is a shawl pin hiding under the yarn there, it is circular and looks hand hammered.

I put together both of the cabinets for the craft/guest room. That makes 6 out of 8 pieces assembled. Over the long Christmas weekend I will finish, putting together the last two bookcases.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finished Objects

I have finished a couple of pairs of socks and done quite a bit of spinning.
Knitterly Thing Vesper Self Striping Sock Yarn
Savana colorway
I think I posted this already but I just love this yarn. Handspun fingering weight yarn from Crown Mountain Farms in colorway Riders on The Storm. I still have some singles on a bobbin, yes still, that need to be plyed so I can figure out the total yardage. This was an 8 oz bump.

Currently Spinning Quetzal Bird. It is similar to another fiber I have spun, cannot think of the details of that one right now. This is a 4 oz bump from St. Seraphina's Etsy shop.

Duet Sock Yarns Skinny in the colorway Tide Pool. I love these socks, they are for Julie.

Nice Long Weekend

I enjoyed the nice long weekend I took last week. The trip to Reno was fun and relaxing. I did not get to finish any of my projects though. We caught snow on the way home, near the summit - about 30 miles from Colfax. There was smoky rain for about another 50 miles. Mom was calm and patient and we had no incidences coming home; it was her first time driving in snow. We made it to the Dixon Produce Market just as they were closing. I got pecans for baking, some dried fruit and their famous chocolate covered raisins. Yay!!!

My visit to Jimmy Beans Wool was productive. The Namaste buddy cases are Christmas gifts, the Gold Lustra is going to be a colorwork scarf, I have some black for the contrasting color. The Colinette Jitterbug was on sale. I bought the Regia Self Striping in the World cup colorway because the sample sock was so danged pretty, I also got 3 more Zauberballs.

I assembled two more pieces of the new furniture, which are the last two pieces for the master bedroom.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Redecorating - The Library

I have too many books. I relocated six bookcases full of books over the weekend. My new cabinets and bookcases came early Saturday morning. I managed to assemble one bookcase and one cabinet. The rest of the day was spent loading and unloading books. My scar felt like it was going to burst open at one point so I had to call it a day. I just managed to push the unassembled pieces against the walls out of the way. I still have one more old bookcase to relocate, then I think things will go much faster. The Paterson furniture is super easy to assemble but the pieces are quite heavy. The cabinet weighs more the 120 pounds and the bookcase 97 pounds. Needless to say they must be assembled close to their final resting place. I hope to get two pieces done each weekend until all 8 pieces are in place. An unanticipated problem is disposal. There is so much styrofoam and cartons to recycle that we fill up the can very fast and have no place to put the rest. Timing is good though, our recycling is picked up on Monday, so whatever we put in over the weekend is picked up right away.

I am going to Jimmy Beans Wool in person. I shop there online all the time so I am excited to actually visit the store. I am putting together a swap package for the KnitGirllls Fallmageddon swap. I will be on the look out for some deals. I am within budget so far, but I have a couple of yarn options that allow me to spend a few more dollars on goodies. I made some items this weekend from my endless supply of craft materials.

I finished sock 1 of the Vesper Savana 4 stripe socks and sock 1 of the Skinny Duet socks. I want to spin so badly, but I also want to get these socks off the needles. I have done the cuffs and first 10 rows on the second socks of both pairs. I cast on The Eiffel Tower shawl in Wollmeise We're Different colorway Kornblume.

I finally got a copy of Sweaters from Camp and it is a signed copy. Meg Swansen and the other two authors inscribed it to someone named Lee. I don't know if that is the person who sold it to me, or if a used book dealer ended up with it. It is like new and the book is amazing. I want to sit down with a pot of tea and read it all the way through. The patterns are challenging and inspiring.