Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Only a few days left until I am back to 4:30 am to 6:30 pm work days. UGH. I may take a few WIP shots today, may not. I have some reading and knitting I really want to finish before getting back to work.

I hit the pit yesterday. Mom wanted her holiday "do", so I did a side of ribs, we had beans, slaw and corn on the cob. She said my Q was good, but she's my Mom and a bit biased. Anywho. We had a yummy meal. My Sis teased me - cause I was sitting on the couch in the living room watching the pit through the patio door while knitting socks. She says I knit scratch and sniff socks. Rub the socks I was working on and they smell like BBQ :D She's so silly ;P

Color surprise, the Socks That Rock 24 Karat yarn looked semi-solid when I wound it into a ball. So I chose a lace pattern for it. After the first lace repeat I realized it is very vary colored and the lace pattern would be a wasted effort. So I did the lace pattern in reverse for an interesting top and I am finishing the sock in stockinette. STR is the most beautiful yarn, it develops so well all on its own. I cannot wait to see what the Lemongrass looks like when I get past the cuff. I picked a textured pattern because of the greens, but again if doing all the extra work of a textured pattern starts getting lost in the colorway I will finish the sock in stockinette and let the hand painted colors develop their own pattern. This is the first time I have knit the light weight STR yarn, it is not as soft or squishy as the heavy weight. I will probably not buy any more of the light weight. I have a couple more skeins in this weight and one or two medium weight. So far the heavy weight is my preference.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Monkeys for Mom, More for Sis and STR for Me

My Mother always encouraged my creativity. She oohed and awed sufficiently over my paintings, drawings, sculptures and needlework creations. She taught me to embroider and tried to teach me to sew. But whatever the finished item she praised me. I have overheard her recently telling people how beautiful my socks are. She says " you just have to see them, the colors, and they are so soft and warm." She only wears her Yukon socks around the house though :D So these are for her. Some very pretty, very soft Silky Wool socks. Cause I have to agree with her, I made some very pretty socks.

Woohoo, my sister loves her socks!!! She just popped into my room and said she had a bone to pick with me. That I should never give a person only one pair of socks. She loves her Yukon socks and she has worn and washed them two times. She wants more. I poured out the pairs I made for the 52 Pair Plunge and let her pick another pair. She was quite happy with that.

I have finally broken the 4 mile mark in the Lime and Violet Sock Yarn Marathon. I have knit 7172 yards of sock yarn (18 pairs of socks completed) and 440 yards (single socks). Cool. I wish the 52 Pair Plunge had started at the same time as the Marathon. I can only count 10 of those pairs in my Plunge total. :{
Not done yet!! I am ready for another boost of Socks That Rock, maybe my 24 Karat or Lemongrass colorways, or both :D. My first go with the superwash lightweight Socks That Rock. I still have my two Rockin Sock Club colorways to knit too. Sockalicious. Gotta go, gotta knit. Ciao!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I've Got My Sock Groove On Now

I am getting the last few pairs off the needles. I will be going back to work soon. Mom is back on her feet and getting around really well. I installed the rest of her helpers upstairs and the hospital bed is being picked up on Tuesday. In between time, I have been knitting my little socks off. Especially for Mom are these little beauties:

These Monkey Socks are a very fast knit. It seems like the heel goes on forever but it is the foot as well, so before you know it you are at the toe decreases. Very pretty in white. I think I want a pair too. But that is way in the future. My sock queue is FULL.

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Knit Picks Memories
Redwood Forest Colorway
Cuff down stockinette
Size Small (6-8 Women's)
Size 3 KP Classic Circulars

I might get through another pair of Knit Picks Memories socks this weekend. The Pansy sock is about two inches from the toe decrease. I can cast on Pansy sock two tonight and get to the heel turn. I was getting some shopping done and lunching with my girlfriend C today so I did not get any knitting in. I did get to photo my progress though.

Tomorrow is a mini-Sister's day outing. So I probably won't get much knitting in tomorrow either. Perhaps I should be getting off the computer and getting my knit on - no?!?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gift Afghans

It is time to get started on those Christmas Afghans. I crochet extremely fast and tend to wait until the last minute to get started on my gifts. Not this year, I need a little less stress and some serious stash busting. I am going to start my afghans in June. A timely tip section was included in Carol Alexander's newsletter:

Talking Crochet ... with Carol Alexander, May 23, 2007

Tips for Making Great Afghans: The Final Four
Our final professional tips for making great afghans all come from long-time designer Isabelle Wolters. Isabelle shares the following helpful suggestions to make your afghan projects more enjoyable and successful.
Joining Large Sections: Save the plastic hooks which are used to keep new shirts folded in their package and use them to hold afghan sections together while you join. These hooks work better than pins, which tend to slip out. However, if using pins, use two pins instead of one, crisscrossing them to help keep them in place.

Weaving Ends: Leave at least a 6-inch length when fastening off your crochet work. Using a tapestry needle, weave the length through stitches on the wrong side of the project, then weave it in the opposite direction, splitting the plies of yarn for the last few stitches. This will ensure that no ends poke through to the right side after laundering.

Mix and Match: When trying to use up leftover yarns of different weights for scrap afghans, combine two or more strands of a lighter weight yarn to achieve the weight of thicker yarns. For example, two or more strands of baby or sport weight yarn can be used to equal one strand of worsted weight yarn. Two strands of worsted weight, or one strand of worsted and one strand of sport, can be used for one strand of bulky weight yarn.

Use similar colors for a uniform look, or combine different colors for a tweedy effect. Just be sure that the care requirements (washing, drying, etc.) are the same for all combined yarns.

Take the Long View: When choosing colors for an afghan you plan to make for your own home, work up swatches in several possible color combinations. Look at them from a distance rather than close up, and preferably in a location where you plan to use the afghan. You will get a more realistic view of how the color combination will look and which combinations you prefer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Ida tagged me so here are seven things about me:
1. I get bored easily so I always do more than one thing at a time: I am knitting a sock, reading a pattern book and writing this.

2. I don't like dogs. Yes I have one, he's the only one I like and I have him convinced he is human so it's all good.

3. I am still friends with several of the people I met in nursery school and kindergarten, that's more than 44 years of love.

4. I always wanted to be a Librarian.

5. I believe in miracles.

6. I want to visit the Arctic.

7. I love my laptop, it is very distracting to me. I miss a lot of other things going on because once I log in I am lost.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Moving On

I have completed this weeks socks and can get back to some of the more exciting projects in my WIP. I still have three pairs of Memories socks on the needles, Pansy, Cape Cod and Redwood Forest. I have turned both heels on the RF pair so they can be completed in a couple of hours. The Cape Cods are barely started. I completely forgot about the Pansy pair, I am turning the heel on sock one of that pair. I am going to work on my Monkey sock today and cast on the second Floral Lace Anklet. I am anxious to get back to my Bavarian Twisted Sock, that Inca Gold Tweed yarn is so nice!! I decided to knit a scarf or shawl with the Blue Jean yarn. I have almost 1000 yards and I don't want 2 pairs of socks in this colorway. More on that after the pattern search.

I am working on a leftovers pattern too. I will not get to try it until a few more WIPs become FOs. My WIP box is pretty empty though compared to a couple of weeks ago. It helps that Mom is back on her feet and can now use the stairs. She is becoming more independent. I just make sure I arrange everything within reach so she does not have to do any bending.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Knit Picks Memories
100 % Merino Wool
Colorway: Morning Glory
Cuff Down on Size 3 Classic Circulars
Size Medium (9-11 Women's)

I received a Knit Picks e-mail regarding new circular needle sizes available. I am going to check that out in a few minutes. I want to see how they will fit into my set. I was disappointed in the tips on the 16 inch circulars. Much too short for my hands, they dig into my palms.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

52 PP Week Seven

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Knit Picks Memories
Spring Prairie
Cuff down on size 3 classic circulars

Friday, May 18, 2007

Snape and Gossipers

Snape heard the complete prophecy. Trelawney told Harry about Snape interrupting her interview with Dumbledore. Trelawney goes into a trance when she is “seeing” and does not remember her prophecies. But she distinctly remembers Snape being discovered outside the door when she is with Dumbledore. Snape was not caught until the prophecy was complete. Dumbledore was wrong when he said Snape only heard the first half of the prophecy, or he was lying to Harry. Trelawney does not have multi-part prophecies. Snape did not tell Voldemort the whole prophecy though. That is why Voldemort wanted to hear the version kept at the Ministry. He would have discovered Snape’s treachery if he had received the orb containing the prophecy. Voldemort obviously suspects there was more to it and that the part he did not hear affects his ability to deal with Harry.

Dumbledore hired Trelawney to protect her after she made the prophecy. Dumbledore did not hire Snape for almost two more years. When Umbridge questions Trelawney she says she has been working at Hogwarts for 16 years. When Umbridge questions Snape he says he has been working at Hogwarts for 14 years. Where was he for almost 2 years?

Why was Ron put into a dormitory with Neville, Dean, Seamus, and Harry? All of the boys were muggle or squib like except Ron. Neville is practically a squib even though he is a pureblood. Dean has Muggle parents. Seamus has a Muggle father. Harry had a Muggle mother. How did Ron end up in this mix??

Why in the world does no one think to ask blabber mouth Hagrid about Tom Riddle and the Marauders? Hagrid was Voldemort’s classmate!!! How could Harry possibly resist grilling Hagrid about Voldemort? Hagrid was at Hogwarts when Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lilly, and James all went to school there. Seven years of their life he witnessed and Harry asks him practically nothing about them – unreal. Hagrid was at Hogwarts when Snape was hired, he knows what happened to all of the other potions masters and defense against the dark arts professors. Why did they never ask him about any of that? What a glaring omission for three really nosy students like Harry, Hermione and Ron!!!! Or the other total blabber mouth who witnessed the last 50 years at Hogwarts, Moaning Myrtle.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Socks and Other Crafts

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Knit Picks Memories
Colorway Geranium
Cuff down on size 3 Classic KP needles
Size Medium (7-9)
440 Yards

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hill Country Yarns
Sweet Feet Sock Yarn
Christmas Colorway
Size 3 Classic KP needles
Size Medium (7-9)
Cuff Down
400 Yards

I have two more second socks that I will be turning the heels on today and one first sock that I am knitting the heel flap on now. Almost done with my Knit Picks Memories yarn. I love the way the colors stripe and pool. I have not decided which of my hand painted yarns I will use next. I am leaning towards my Perchance to Knit. It will be the first yarn I wind on my new electric ball winder, another treat I am looking forward to!!

I am also going to make myself a Go Knit bag. I like the little drawstring bags for projects and I have the perfect fabric for it. I hope it comes out the way I have visualized.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

My dog child has made the conversion. A few months ago he put his rawhide mocassin in my closet with my shoes. A few days ago he left it in the middle of the floor. So on my way up the stairs I just threw back over my shoulder, you can come upstairs and watch tv with me but you have to get that mocassin out of my floor. I go in the WC and wash my hands and so forth and he comes barging in proudly wagging his tail. I come out into the bedroom and notice somethings different - he took the mocassin out on the landing and put it by his bed!!! This morning he comes in and does a little dance whole butt wagging. I figured this meant Happy Mother's Day, but just in case I was in doubt he started singing. I didn't have the heart to tell him that even though he now speaks fluent human, I still don't speak dog and - between me and you, he cannot carry a tune. But the unconditional love flows both ways, so it's all good.

Happy Mother's Day to you all, whether your child has 2 legs or 4 or something in between!!

Bind Off ~~ Cast On

3 of 52
Knit Picks Memories Colorway
Red Hat
Cuff down on size 3 KP Classic Needles

4 0f 52
Knit Picks Superwash Swish
Black and Truffle
Cuff down on size 5 Clover Bamboo Needles
Pattern: Boot Sock

Two more socks completed.
Two more second socks cast on.
Two more heels turned.
Two more singles started.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Mom gets her staples removed today. Poor thing, can you say ouch?!?! The PT had her practice walking out to the car yesterday and she is handling that well. She can start doing stairs next week. She is going to stay in the family room another couple of weeks however. I am so tired, but hey, I have to go back to work in a few weeks where I can get lots of rest :D and more blogging time LOL! Unfortunately no knitting at work :{ So I better get these socks off the needles and be a bit ahead for my 52PP so I can finish my second lace anklet and monkey socks.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Almost Worked

Well the brilliant idea I had for finishing almost worked :D First I could not wait until tonight to listen to IW, I had missed Toya and Adrienne too much and had to listen to the current episode first thing this morning. Ooohhh it sounds like they have been knit-napped. No sewing projects or scrapping. Have we converted two more?!? LOL I know the feeling, I still have a crocheted baby afghan that just needs a border and three promised crocheted scarves. I cannot stop knitting socks!!

I had laundry and such that needed attention downstairs so after coffee, a bagel and IW I started my chores. I managed to turn the heel on two socks and added 5 inches to my Kenobi Jacket and 4 inches to my Bookworm Vest. 3 more inches on my vest and I get to put in the pockets. Unfortunately it is in the mid to high 90s here and not very comfortable to knit wool garments bigger than a sock. I think I am going to have to put my jacket and vest on summer break. I am about to turn the heel on another sock. I will have 7 single socks completed by tomorrow. All of my size 3 needles will be empty again. Then I can cast on the mates. This is the last of my Memories yarn. I cannot wait to see the finished socks. All of the colors are so pretty, so far there is only one that is not so exciting, Cape Cod. I love all of the others. I am making my third pair with Redwood Forrest and my second pair with Pansy.

I have to give Mom a sponge bath and change her bandage. Then I'll be knitting the night away and catching up on a few more podcasts. I have Sticks and Strings, SSK, Lixie Knits It, Stash and Burn, Trueyarns, Yarn Thing, and Yarns From The Southland episodes to listen to tonight. I caught up with Lime & Violet and Plutonic Boyfriend, Inspirational Wednesday, and socksinthecity's podcasts this morning. Hey Carrie :D

A HUGE thank you to Phyl for the glass rubber ducky stitchmarkers. My swap pal Phyl discovered my little secret, I love rubber duckies in various little costumes and stuff. She sent me a set of GLASS duckies with sunglasses on - way too cute. I have a glass menagerie that I will probably add these to. I am afraid the Knit Picks Options needles tips will chip my duckies. The tips are pretty heavy and tend to bang about in my bags.

I hope to post photos this weekend. Saturday, before the big Mommy's Day invasion. My Mom has two biological children and two million adopted children. So I will need to clear the decks before Sunday for sure :D

One other thing CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES 2007. We have a college grad, Davi and a high school - off to college grad Catrina. I am so proud of both of them. They are amazing young ladies. Allan will be graduating in December and looked way to handsome for his prom I hear :D

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


A couple of episodes ago Stash and Burn were discussing scheduling a finishing day. I was looking at the inside of my Kenobi Jacket thinking about how many ends I will need to work in when done. I have to add a ball of yarn about every five inches. I like using the hanging ends to keep count of balls of yarn I used in a project – I will just have to keep up with my yarn bands this time. Instead of weaving in all the yarn ends when the entire jacket is complete, I am planning to have a “finishing day” each week. Yep, every Wednesday, while I listen to Inspirational Wednesday I am going to weave in ends on all WIPs. I am also going to finish any WIP that can be completed in a couple of hours – that will probably be a sock of course. I normally listen to IW around 8 p.m. and bed down around 11 p.m. so I can finish a project in that 3 hours each week. Of course that will prompt me to get some of my WIPS to a point by Tuesday night, that they can be completed Wednesday night. Sounds like a plan. I’ll see how it goes.

I listened to Episode 2 of the Kelley Petkun Knit Picks Podcast, we are so on the same page. Kelley’s idea about progressing in knitting socks and other skills matches my experience. So I can really relate to her and her Podcast content. Can’t wait for the next episode. I plan to start knitting through the Sensational Knitted Socks book when I finish my Knit Picks Memories yarns. I have 10 socks left to knit to finish off my Memories colorways

Monday, May 07, 2007

My Knitting History

Knit Picks Podcast by Kelley Petkun. I listened to Episode 1 of the Knit Picks Podcast last night. It was very pleasant and interesting, Kelley’s story about how she learned to spin and knit made me think about how I got to this point in my needle crafting. I completely agree with Kelley about the best books for your stash. The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee was the very first book I bought. I ripped out my sweater sampler three times before working all of the way through it. I did not know how to recognize or correct mistakes at the time. I knitted a Red and Grey Scarf in High School to go with my Letter Girl Uniform, but I was a crocheter. I never knit anything else until I joined the Chick With Sticks group at work. I was in the minority, the group was primarily knitters. We had one quilter and one embroiderer/beader. There were two of us crocheters. I was completing about a project per week and did not see any reason to change to knitting, considering my companions were still all working on the same sweaters they started months ago, using scratchy smelly WOOL no less. But then during one of my shopping sprees on Patternworks I saw a Traveling Cable Sweater that I was determined to make for my Sister. So I bought The Sweater Workshop and started teaching myself to knit. When I got to two color knitting I was hooked. I loved the way stockinette, ribbing and cables looked. I could knit initials, and was going to put in a sweatshirt pocket. Very Cool. I bought a bag of Karabella Aurora 8 yarn in Khaki and made my Sis the sweater that had inspired me.

Well, I have always been a visual learner and a computer nerd so I started looking for computer programs, videos and DVDs for knitting. I already had Coats Crochet Made Easy Interactive CD-ROM, so I searched for and bought Coats Knitting Made Easy Interactive CD-ROM from Herrschners and Mary Maxim. But I was surprised that by the time I bought that CD I was past that level in my skills; after having completed my J. Fee Sweater Sampler.

I kept hearing about another knitting Guru that was required reading for new knitters, Elizabeth Zimmermann. I ordered Knitting Without Tears: Basic Techniques and Easy-to-Follow Directions for Garments to Fit All Sizes. Luckily someone in my CWS group told me about ordering yarn and needles from Knit Picks. Knit Picks had all of the Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen’s materials. I ordered EVERYTHING. The Schoolhouse Video Series: Knitting Around Parts 1-3; and Knitting Workshop Parts 1: A Hat; Part 2: Two Sweaters; and Part 3: Master Classes. All of her books, The Knitters Almanac; The Opinionated Knitter; Knitting Workshop and Knitting Around.

I also did WWW searches and found other videos, CD-ROMs and DVDs. They all offer great information and different perspectives and techniques.

Delta Productions Knitting From Start to Finish*ing and Crochet From Start to Finish*ing by Bev Dillon
This series is a bit dated but all of the basic techniques of knitting and crochet are well covered. I knit my first booties and shawl from the project books included in the video package. This was my very first video purchase from Amazon. I found much more on the internet and through Knit Picks.

Fresh Baked Goods Learn to Knit!! with Laura Jean
This was highly recommended on Amazon. It was casual and fun and she really planted the seed of creating my own sweaters using basic measurements. A reinforcement of the Fee and Zimmermann ideology.

American Knitter Series Learn to Knit by Tracie Wunderlich
Her nails really bothered me, but I got through the DVDs and made a beautiful black and white reversible cable scarf.

The Knitting Pretty Method Volumes l: Basic Knitting; Volume ll: Intermediate Knitting; and Volume lll: Working With Color with Jill Moray
I never mastered the Knitting Pretty Method, but I did learn some very useful techniques.

Good Housekeeping Needlecraft Series Knitting Crochet Quilting Basics and Advanced Methods
I learned a lot about tools, measurements, gauge and finishing from this series.

I bought more tools at this point, needles from eBay and the Royal Ball Winder. I heard about the sweater machine and used a JoAnns discount coupon and bought the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine and video Making Your First Sweater with Cari Clement. I really liked the fabric the machine produced but I could only set the machine up in my office on my computer desk, which is in the guest room. I eventually had to box it back up so company and myself would not scratch ourselves on the needles while using the guest room. I have not put it back up yet.

I started collecting Knitting and Crochet magazine subscriptions and I joined the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) and The Knitting Guild of America (TKGA). I attended the conferences in Oakland, California and took lots of classes. The market place offered so many other resources that I was fairly overwhelmed. The best purchases I made at my first conference were a handmade wooden Swift from one of the Canadian vendors and my Socks DVD.

I had been wanting to learn to knit socks forever. I stopped by The Knitting Korner booth and bought Socks on Two Circular Needles by Nenah Gelati. I have been knitting socks ever since. I have also purchased her How to Knit a Sweater From the Neck Down DVD. I have not made the sweater, but I have watched the DVD.

I saw an ad about The Art of Knitting by TriCoast Studios. That is a jam packed DVD and I have used it many times. I even like some of the music provided. The first DVD I bought from their website, the second DVD I bought at my third conference. The second volume, The Art of Knitting and Crochet's coverage of crochet techniques is a great addition.

The conference was also another opportunity to take classes from many of the writers and designers I had been reading and studying. Also, to pass lunch items to Lily Chin, who sat next to me at lunch the last day. She is the tiniest little thing and could not reach anything in the middle of the table. I digress. . .

I had read articles and seen the amazing work of Carol Ventura for a couple of years. I took her Tapestry Crochet class and was able to purchase her very hard to acquire video Tapestry Crochet. I had both her books on the subject, but again being a visual learner I wanted the video as well. I had previously checked it out from the CGOA Library, but of course I had to return it.

My other favorite visual resource is craft shows. I watch Shay Pendray Needlearts Studio on the local public television station. I bought her DPTV Media Needle Arts featuring Shay Pendray DVD. It touches on Knitting, Cross-Stitching and Crocheting.

One or more of the above resources eventually led me to the website for software4knittting.com. I first bought The Sweater Wizard 3.0: Sweater Charting Software for the Hand Knitter, then I added Knitting Math Wizard: Knitting Calculation Without Trepidation and the demo version of The Sock Wizard to my collection.
Other CD-ROMs in my collection include Montat Publishing Top-Down Raglan Calculator: any yarn, any gauge, any size; and Color in the Round Knitting 2-Handed Fair Isle. I was obsessed with Alice Starmore for a fair amount of time and I checked her video out of the CGOA Library as well. I completed some small fair isle projects, but the sweater I designed has not made it onto the needles yet.

By this time in my knitting career, of almost two years, a whole slew of new CD-ROMs and DVDs became available. When I first started my search there were only the vintage Video Cassettes available. Now everyone is producing DVDs. Nenah Gelati The Knitting Korner has about a dozen DVDs available now. TriCoast Studios and Leisure Arts has an in Motion series now and you can even get website CDs.

I have the Stitch Along With Leisure Arts Crochet Fashions in Motion and Knit Fashions in Motion DVDS. Very excellent production and presentation. I would kill for the yarn stash in the studio workroom!!!

I don’t know what I would do without my Knitting Help.com Complete Web Site CD by Amy Finlay. I love the baby socks pattern, too cute. I have used her videos to learn and better understand some of the lace stitches, increases and decreases in the more complicated patterns I have knit. A Great Resource!!

Last but not least is the knitting software that synchronizes with my PDA. There is nothing worse than forgetting your current pattern(s) at home. It is so nice to have them in my PDA with photos and everything. I also like having my yarn and needle inventory on my PDA when I visit yarn stores. If you like handheld gadgets I recommend eKnit-Kards Desktop Powerful Software for Knitters from Nancy’s Knit Knacks.

Well that covers the journey to this point in time. I have been knitting for three years this month. Happy Knitaversary to Me! Now ** back to my knitting, after all that is the whole point of this experience :D

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tip for Yarn Ends

I was just watching Fons and Porter Love of Quilting and one of their viewers sent in a tip I think will work for me while knitting. When I work in the ends on my projects, do my seaming and snip off binding yarns on new hanks of yarn, the remnants never all stay on my work table. I am always having to retrieve the snippets of yarn and thread from the carpet. One of the FPLQ viewers suggested using coffee filters. I have tons of filters because I don't use a coffee pot that requires them any longer. And they are dirt cheap at the 99 cent store. So thanks for that tip, no more bending over scooping up bits and pieces of yarn that fly away.

Back to the basics. I have been neglecting my vest and jacket since I joined the sock knit alongs, I will be getting back to them this week. I plan on a minimum of one inch per garment each day. I should be able to knit up to the underarm shaping of both of them by next Sunday. That will be a major accomplishment with the vest because it is knit in the round all in one piece. Only the collar and button band will need to be knit once the armholes are complete. The Kenobi jacket will still need the front panels and sleeves. Looking forward to seeing those two projects materialize. I have five and half single socks completed. So as soon as their mates are done I will be all caught up for my sock KALs. It's like magic :D

Saturday, May 05, 2007

More Progress, Still No Pairs

Three more single socks completed. Whohoo. I had lots of help too :~}

I finally completed the first Lace Anklet from Lace Style. I kept setting that one aside. I had to rip it back twice for missed yarn overs and was hating it for a couple of weeks. But I made myself finish it yesterday while my Sister was here to look after Mom.

I finished the first of the Knit Picks Boot Socks in Black and Truffle. That is a really nice sock pattern. I am really pleased with the Swish Superwash Yarn. It knits up thick and soft. I am definitely going to make more of these!! I finished another Knit Picks Memories Sock.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

No Potters?

I am listening to Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix for the umpteenth time. My least favorite of all the books!! But more than once I have wondered why there are no Potters. Sirius mentions to Harry that he ran away from home around the age of 15 or 16 and that James Potter's parents took him in. A perfect opportunity for Harry to ask questions about his family. After all they are looking at the Black Family tree at the time. The Potters were a pure blood family, and Sirius says all of the pure blood families are connected in some way. It strikes me as, well Stupid, for Harry not to ask about his family tree in this scene. What happened to his Grandparents? He has never even asked if his Father had brothers, sisters or cousins. But when he looks into the mirror of erised he sees lots of Potters and his Evans relatives. Another stupidly skipped opportunity - why did he not ask Dumbledore what happened to all those relatives he sees in the mirror? Hagrid recited to Harry a long list of "powerful wizards and witches" of the age destroyed by Voldemort and his supporters, he never mentions any of the other Potters or their spouses. There has to be a reason that Petunia Evans Dursley is the only one left - why didn't Harry ever wonder WHY???

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Getting Knitting In

I was able to finish a couple of single socks and I am on the foot of a third.

~~ ~~

I have not had a chance to read my Rockin Sock Club April Footnotes, Dyer's Notes or look at the Grasshopper Sock Pattern by Chrissie Gardiner. My skein is Silkie in the colorway Walking on The Wild Tide. I will try to get to that tomorrow. I am looking forward to winding my hank into a ball. Why you might wonder would I be looking forward to winding any more yarn any time soon?? BECAUSE - I totally caved and bought the legendary . . .

PDB 125g. ELECTRIC WINDER This is the very popular original PDB 125g. Electric Yarn Winder. First developed in 1981 and since that date 1000s have been sold in the UK and around the world. The winder simply fastens to the knitting table, the yarn is fed from the tension mast of your Knitting Machine to the winder, (alternatively a separate Tension Mast is available as an optional extra). It will wind up to 125 grammes, depending on the type of Yarn used, a spare Bobbin is also supplied.
~~ B~)

It is unbelievable. So quick and easy. I received it in less than 7 days from England via Hong Kong. The price including shipping and conversion rates is still less than the same model being sold in the Knitters Magazine ad.
I had tried the hand mixer tutorial, but it went so fast my balls were kind of wild. I would have been afraid to use that method with anything but bulky or worsted weight.