Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Alrighty Then

I have found the pattern I am going to stick with for the Lime & Violet Lisa Souza yarn. Nope no peeking. I want to complete at least 25% of it before I post the first photo. It will take that much to really appreciate the selected pattern. My UFO toe up socks call for an after thought heel. I am not sure I like this method. I will reserve judgment for now, but I like Nenah Gelati's short row heel a lot. I did a test drive on my Lantern Moon circulars - ooh wee, this is the first time I loved knitting a gauge swatch. Glad I splurged on them. The wonderful Pixie Purl has a new podcast out. Lots of stuff going on out there folks, if I wasn't working on keeping count I would have been bouncing through her show notes. I have been chatting with my secrect pal and I hope she likes her gifts. I want to send everything right now, but I can't. I will need to hold out so I have something for each monthly send. Not going to be easy. Our chicks with sticks group was fun, we got to chat a lot about what knitting does for us. Mostly it is for relaxation, I also find it very gratifying to be able to make clothing just for me. In the color, texture and size I prefer. You can't beat that!!

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