Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Socks Done

I finished my Redwood Forest and Yukon socks in KnitPicks Memories yarn. I am not allowing myself to cast on any more socks until I finish the toe up Grey and Camouflauge socks, and the two front panels of my sweater. But as a treat/reward I am going to cast on some Socks That Rock socks.

Christmas was strange. Some uninvited guest showed up, not good. I received three Stitch N Bitch Knitting Calendars, three boxes of the same assorted chocolates from See's Candies. I am hoping Barnes & Noble will take at least one of the calendars in exchange for a book or something else. The candy will be regifted, because we also received 1 lb of Nuts & Chews (which we love), and a gift certificate for One Pound of See's Candies. My lovely Michael did make up for the gift weirdness though by giving me a lovely piece of Louis Vuitton this year. He usually buys me Coach or Chanel, so the Louis really blew me away.

I just found out that two of my friends moved - one from England to Arizona, the other from Las Vegas to Florida. That was a surprise.

I am going to start crocheting for the next craft fair, several people asked me if I was selling anything this year. I skipped last year's. Evidently people are in need of scarves and shawls. So I am going to whip some up between socks.

I am finally feeling better, I still have a swollen gland and a bit of trouble breathing. But I feel better. So I guess I am on the mend. FINALLY - it's been three weeks.

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