Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I received the last 2007 Rockin Sock Club kit. They saved the best for last. Thank you ladies at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The blues in this colorway are wonderful and it is medium weight this time. Perfect. I will definitely be ordering a few more skeins. I just ordered the Raven Collection - I had bought Lenore, Haida and Thraven to get an idea of what the over and under dying were like. I loved it so I ordered one of each of the colorways in the Raven Series. I moved several scarves and shawls up in my queue because of this yarn collection. I also changed my mind and joined the 2008 Rockin Sock Club, the last colorway and the Raven collection sold me.
STR Bella Coola
I have made much progress on my Arctic Lace North Star Scarf and my Mystic Waters Zephyr version shawl. I added 4 inches each to my Dimple Shale scarf and my Andean Treasures stole. I have removed the Campfire Feather and Fan Scarf and reclassified it as a swatch. The color is just not right. I will try using it doubled for something else later on. I finished one of my Morning Glory socks.

I have the most favorite of knitting diseases - finish-itis. I just want to finish everything. I have not cast on anything new this week even though I finished a pair of socks and am a few rows from finishing my Swap Pal's scarf. What I have not been up to is photo shooting. The scarves and shawls all need to be pinned out for photos - it can wait until they are done!!! I do have my 32nd pair of socks though. The Socks That Rock Amber colorway is like a roaring fireplace.
STR Amber

Monday, December 17, 2007


I have been really enjoying the Holiday atmosphere. I have been sitting in front of the fireplace knitting, reading and crocheting. I finished another pair of socks, a scarf, a book and 2 audiobooks. I wound 10 hanks of yarn into balls and cast on another pair of socks. The Mystic Waters KAL has officially ended, the last clue was posted last week. The pattern is now for sale on the designer's website. The shawl is so beautiful with all 8 sections completed. I am making steady progress on both of mine. Even though knitting lace is extremely slow in comparison to sock knitting or crocheting, the results are well worth it. I am really looking forward to all of my upcoming projects. I am almost finished with my EE Scarf, it is 4 feet long, I need to add one more foot.

I received an e-mail from Sarah's Yarns yesterday about the Jaggerspun price increase this week. I went ahead and ordered my yarn for my other knit alongs. I was undecided about colors for the mystery shawls, which was silly to ponder over since I could only order the colors that were in stock. So I chose several earth tone warm colors, with the aid of my color cards and I am now all set for the 2008 Lace Along, etc.

I managed to catch up on the forum chatter on Ravelry, sporting my Ravelry T-shirts by the way. Now I need to do a photo shoot so I can post my new socks and the progress on my WIPS. I might be able to get to that tonight.

Monday, December 10, 2007


This line of Doggie Bags was so well done. [No longer available from The Sak. :( ] I hear there is a new line of dog bags out there, I will have to Google all about it when I get home.

Lacing Right Along

I am having the best time with the Mystic Waters Shawl knit along. Both of my shawls are coming along nicely. I have decided to make the short version in the Schaefer Anne Rain Clouds because of the amount of yarn I have. 1,060 yards. I have my doubts that it is enough for the full pattern. I don't dare temp fate. The Zephyr Admiral is readily available and I have plenty so I will do the full version in that. The stitches and pattern are very clear in the Zephyr because of the darkness of the yarn, gorgeous.

I have knit over three feet on my Ebony Elite Swap pal's scarf. I am happy with the stitch pattern I chose. It is making a very nice scarf. Can't share any photos, it's a surprise!! Other little bits and pieces have come in the mail for her package.

I got three packages from Claudia the Wollmeise and she has the coolest bags. They have German-English knitting terminology printed on them. She also put the translations inside the bags. I am in two KALs with German speaking co-knitters. I should be able to translate some of their posts now. Very cool. I have added several lace weights, and two worsted weight colorways to my collection.
I have not been on Ravelry much, other than to check the forums for my Knit Alongs. I need to update my projects and stash. I finished a sock and started the second one. I need to photo and add the Lace Garn in Pfefferminz Prinz, it is unbelievable. The colors just make me so so so happy. The blues are so rich and deep. I am going to ball wind some tonight. The Campari Orange is delicious. I don't know what I am going to make with it, I just liked the colors. But I don't want any socks this color or a scarf. Maybe a pair of fingerless gloves.
Campari Orange

There has been much stash enhancement from Blue Moon Fiber Arts as well. I got the Lapis and the Gingerbread Dude at last. From the Raven Collection I got Thraven, Haidi and some more Lenore. Very interesting over dying. Nice subleties. I may have to get some more of this!! I did not sign up for the 2008 Sock Club however. I liked almost all of the yarns, but I never knit any of the patterns. I have not gotten around to reading any of the newsletters either. I know there will probably be some colorways introduced that I will not be able to get as a non-member. But I think I can wait for them. My Blue Moon Yarn collection is pretty fat right now. Photos of all new yarns in Flickr - click link in the sidebar.

I have completed another 10 rows on my Arctic Lace North Star Scarf in the Quivuk. Whew, it's good this yarn is rare and expensive. I could seriously get hooked on this stuff. It is really easy to work with and it is the softest yarn I have ever felt. LOVE IT!!!

I have my Christmas gift assignments. I can't wait to shop. I have a short list this year. I don't usually have a list at all, since I shop all of the time. I bought myself a 10th Anniversary Gift, I have been with this firm10 long years. Just kidding, they actually flew by. I did not know about the 10 year bonus - I was expecting flowers or something. So I picked up the Palermo GM which I had been eyeing for awhile.