Monday, October 25, 2010

Hi Blog How Are You?

My poor neglected blog. I have been inundated with chores, my Sister's birthday, spinning, knitting and getting organized.

Good news is my Sister thoroughly enjoyed her birthday. I have found someone to take my Chaise Lounge so I can move my drafting table under the picture window where there is lots of light. I have gotten rid of some more books and bags and miscellaneous office stuff from the guest room. I found the perfect cabinet and bookshelves at Crate & Barrel. I plan to order them when we return from our mini-road trip. The really good news is this cabinet is on sale. You cannot see them in the picture but it has glass doors.

Bad news is I still have boxes of movies, books and dvds to deal with in the guest room before I can move my yarn collection in there.

I celebrate my six month spinaversary next month. I cannot believe I have only been spinning for 5 months, it feels so natural. Just like with yarn, I have developed a sense of what type of fiber I dislike and which types I love. My favorites are Corriedale, Blue Faced Leicester and Polworth. Silk blends send too much loose fiber into the air and I have to wear a mask when prepping and spinning it - I would rather buy my silk blend yarns already spun. I have not tried to spin the tencel yet. No exotics or luxury yarns either. I am kind of blah about the superwash merinos I have spun. They were kind of boring, maybe because both were 8 oz braids and took awhile to spin.

I have cast on a whole bunch of new projects for winter. I am freezing, so I am making myself some hats and scarves and mittens. I need to also finish my felted clogs!!! I have only two Christmas presents to knit this year, my Sister wants a red scarf and I have decided to knit my Brother (in-law) some socks. The scarf is about 25% knit already, I just ordered a pattern and yarn from Knit Picks for the big old man socks - he wears size 14.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Lied - Again

I lied to myself, and possibly the interwebs, about taking photos of stash enhancements. I had said I was not going to do it anymore. I spend too much time uploading and updating stash and wips so I claimed I was not going to do that any longer. Well, I got all jazzed about a pattern last week and looked through my Ravelry stash to see if I had enough yardage in a particular yarn. But travesty of travesties I couldn't get that information because I never put the yarn in my stash. SO - it's all or nothing. I am back to putting stash pictures in Ravelry. And, by the same token, it was time to update my Library Thing list. I scanned about 100 books today and added them to library thing.

If you are curious about what I read my Library Thing username is paletpc.
If you want to peruse the stash enhancement or WIP updates, click the Flickr link in the sidebar. I still have to take pictures of my Kauni and Socks That Rock. They may have to wait until next week, I want to knit.