Friday, May 27, 2011

Let the Games Begin

sdravatar by lalaknits
sdravatar, a photo by lalaknits on Flickr.

The KnitGirllls Stash Dash 2011 has officially began.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long Update

Well so much for keeping up with the blog.  I have not even blogged this month.  I do have lots to show for how my time was spent this month. 

The Age of Brass and Steam.  This is handspun yarn from the Tempted fiber specifically dyed for The KnitGirllls Spinalong Knitalong.  I only managed to get 214 yards out of 8 ounces because I removed all of the pink sections of the braids.  HATE HATE HATE pink.

The Cobblestone Pullover - finally finished. I used Malabrigo Worsted in Emerald Blue which is just beautiful. It came out perfect.

The WendyKnits Japanese Garden Shawl was a knitalong for both the Mommyneedsyarn and the Dramatic Knits podcasts. The proceeds from the sale of the pattern through the end of April went to the Red Cross. Wendy Johnson raised nearly $7,000 on the sale of this pattern.   I used two different Socks That Rock colorways, Melusine and Jensu.  They are part of the Spirits Collection, where Blue Moon Fiber Arts lightly shades white yarn.  One is bluish the other a blueish green.  They blended very well, it's hard to tell where I transitioned to the second color.

The Lost in Light Shawlette was a test knit for Laura Linneman of the KnitGirllls. The pattern was for the Perfect Day Yarns Dead Poets Club package. I love the pattern and probably will knit it again.

The Malka Shawlette was the other pattern I had chosen for the Small Shawl Swap. But once I saw the Shaelyn I knew it was perfect for Melissa, so I made that one for her instead. I was more than half way through the Malka shawlette so I went ahead and finished it. I am donating it to a fundraiser that will happen later this year.

I am currently test knitting a pair of socks for Blueruin. I cast on the Evenstar but have not worked on it since because of the two test knits and some spinning deadlines. I am on the second set of arches on The Eiffel Tower Shawl, it is so pretty.

This is the merino tencel I spun for KarenGMT. It came out very silky and bright. I don't seem to have any photos of the skeined yarn in my flickr photostream. Too bad, it came out wonderful.

I have lots more singles on the bobbins, and some stripey socks on the needles as well. I have knit 7 shawls so far this year, I am sure I will have no trouble completing 11 Shawls in 2011 Challenge. Next up is the KnitGirllls 5K Stash Dash. Followed closely by the 2011 Tour de Fleece. I have joined 5 or 6 Tour de Fleece teams. More on that in a bit.