Saturday, April 19, 2014

Knitting and Spinning - Not So Much

Not a lot of knitting or spinning going on right now, but I did finally ply the Loop batt that has been on the bobbins for months.

I finished my KP Comfy blanket in blues.  I tried a crocheted border on it in Planetarium but did not like.  I ripped that out, wove in my ends and called it done. 

I cast on a pair of tube socks in Perchance to Knit Tarnished Rainbow.

Stitch Crazy April

Cross Stitching has been dominating my stitching time.  I have two finishes and lots of progress on some of my wips. 

I have been asked about my frames and gridding on YouTube and Instagram so I thought I would post a detailed answer here. I have gone through several frames and hoops since I picked up cross stitching again.

I have tried:

1.    Qsnaps = excellent tension, easy to keep the fabric tight while stitching,
 2.   wooden scroll frames from F.A. Edmunds = did not like, cannot keep the fabric tight,
 3.   Susan Bates plastic Hooplas = works well enough, have to keep re-doing the fabric
 4.  Jennoop stand = excellent tension but very awkward to get to the back for tying off threads
 5.  Morgan no slip hoops = the absolute best hoop I have tried.

I have a Millennium frame on order and I just received a snap on frame from Pelagiya on Etsy. I will review them when I have tried them for awhile.

For gridding I recommend watching this video.

Stitching Mae on YouTube is the person I learned from. I use the pens she suggested, Clover and DMC water soluble or erasable marking pens. I use one of my blocking tiles to pen the fabric on as I count out the 10 stitch blocks. Mae is also the person that enabled me to try the Millennium frame.

Feel free to see my cross stitch shenanigans on You Tube.

Someone had also asked about parking threads. This is the method I use.

Heaven and Earth Designs is having another sale so I bought a third Aimee Stewart Chart pack, The Fantastic Voyage