Sunday, March 30, 2008


Happy Happy Joy Joy. I got my HSKS4 swap pal package from the coolest Cassandra Hopkirk aka Nadine. She sent me not one but two bags in Slytherin Green and Silver. She made me a needle holder binder and included - DIG THIS ADDI TURBO needles. I am so excited. I love me some Addis. Okay then the real screaming began, not one but two bars of CADBURY Carmello chocolate. There are some Harry Potter goodies, stitchmarkers and row counters and lots of yarn. I will take lots of pictures and make sure I did not miss anything this weekend. WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!

BTW the yarn is called Leprechaun and since I got yarn called Lucky a couple of days ago I dare say I am a very LUCKY girl.

From Nadine aka Cassandra Hopkirk

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I must take pictures of my Sock WIP, my new Blue Moon Fiber Arts Laci yarn in the colorways Valkyrie and Haida, and my new laptop in Midnight Blue. I wish wish wish I could take pictures of the BMFA Lucky yarn that I just received in the latest Sock Club package but I don't want to be a spoiler. However, since I am no longer under any time constraints to get to 52 pairs, I will be knitting the sock pattern that came with this yarn. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! This is another sock club yarn colorway that I will be buying in all weights, it is gorgeous. I am pretty sure the peach USPS "attempted delivery" card I got was for my first 2008 Year of Lace kit from Canada. I hope so, I am really looking forward to starting that shawl. I have read the word SILK all over Ravelry in regards to the first kit. I have not tried knitting with 100% silk before, I do love silk/wool blends though. So I am anxious to see this first lace kit.

OMG, the book I started reading yesterday was horrible, complete gibberish. I am now reading a book that had me hooked from the first paragraph. I am enjoying this audiobook too (see sidebar for titles), it is like listening to people play a Role Playing game. They travel the tunnels, they pick up power items and spells, they meet monsters and thieves and vanquish them. A nice diversion while I do endless month end processing, lots of processing left to do.

I feel guilty - I don't "love" the finished shawls for a couple of the KALs I signed up for. My original plan was to do the KAL, trying to keep up and watch the shawls/stoles develop along with everyone else. I fell behind, then eventually set them all aside to knit socks. Now I am seeing everyone else's knitted shawls/stoles and a couple of them are not to my liking at all. I never would have purchased the patterns if I had seen them completed and modeled. I see a frog pond in my near future. My hands are in too bad of condition to knit items I will never wear or enjoy. One of them would be okay as a gift, but the other one - nope, I don't think so. I am going to finish the other two lace knit alongs though. The shawls/stoles are beautiful and I cannot wait to get them done. I picture myself wearing them on our Panama Cruise!!! More on lace later. . . much to do in that area!!!

Last bit to do - I must see the Orthopaedic specialist about the knot growing under my thumb. My cousin just had one removed from her hand. Relatively painless, they did it with a laser. First I need to find out the nature of mine, fibroid or ganglian cyst or whatever. My appointment is April 7th, a must do.

Looks like all of the little Slytherins have lost interest in the games for the HSKS4, no one has posted answers to the last quiz. Looks like I will have some pretty Slytherin stitchmarkers to add to my collection. No grading to do Sat. More time to do knitting.

Carpe Lanum

Friday, March 21, 2008

Socking Along

I completed one of the Moda Dea Sassy Socks. I love the pattern and thickness of this yarn, it is an 8 ply. The progress on the Koigu, Shi Bui and Felice is much slower going because the yarn is so fine and the needles much smaller. But I have started the legs of all three pairs. I received the first clue of the Bad Nauheim KAL and the first 2008 Lace KAL kit is being mailed to the US on Monday or Tuesday. So much yarny goodness going on. I am typing this by the way on my new laptop. I finally have a webcam, although I am scared to use it. LOL at myself. I am waiting for my Valkyrie Laci so I can cast on the Icarus shawl for the Arkansas Icarus Shawl KAL.

I have a half dozen Easter baskets to put together. We are having the fam and friends over Sunday. Some of my Cousins and my friends have littluns, so I bought a bunch of goodies for them. I am going to make a German Chocolate Cake and Mac and Cheese (yes, both from scratch - cause that's how I roll).

I received a delivery confirmation from Fedex so I know my HSKS4 pal received her Bag and Kit, I hope she's a happy little Gryffindor. The last trivia challenge for the Slytherins goes out tomorrow. The final prize is a set of stitchmarkers. The theme of the last challenge is Charms and Potions.

I sent out some rescue yarn to a Ravelry friend - I had the dye lot she needed to finish the gorgeous blanket she is making. She was two rows and a bind off from finishing her gift. I popped 10 yards in the mail to her, she only asked for 3 but I prefer to have too much than just enough, you know?!? She also has me craving the J hook, I want to start an afghan so bad!!! It is national crochet month after all!!!! Maybe I'll make a scarf tomorrow while my cake is in the oven. I have some Wollmeise Zenzi Medium that I plan to make a nice long scarf out of. Hmmm, we'll see. Trying to be faithful to the sock Goddess.

Friday, March 14, 2008

MARCH is National Crochet Month

I must whip up a scarf or something. Maybe a hat, if I can find that darned hat pattern that's been illuding me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mystery Sock Bags Revisited

I pulled four more Mystery Sock Yarn Bags last night and cast on four socks. The winners were:
1. Knit Picks Felice in Clay - US size 2 /2.75mm KP Harmony Needles
2. Moda Dea Sassy Stripes - US size 3 / 3.25mm KP Harmony Needles
3. Koigu KPPPM in Purples - US size 1 /2.50mm KP Harmony Needles
4. Shi Bui Knits in Rapids - US size 2 /3.00mm KP Harmony Needles

I have chosen some pretty ToFutsies yarn for my HSKS4 swap Pal. I picked up my shipping box today. I have lots of wrapping to do.

Off to update my Ravelry project list.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am a bit behind in my posts, I have been interviewing and I finally hired a new AP Coordinator - again. This one was a temp that I hired permanently. My previous new hire had some truly bad luck and only held the position for a week.

I completed the Gryffindor bag and took an inventory of the goodies I am sending with it. Okay I went a bit overboard, I confess, and I have not even decided which yarn I am giving her.

The Bag:
Gryffindor Bag

Gryffindor Bag

Tools & Accessories:
HSKS4 Goodies
HSKS4 Goodies

Sweets and Things:
HSKS4 Goodies

Hand and Wool Care:
HSKS4 Goodies

Reading and Writing Materials:
HSKS4 Goodies
Isn't this knitted owl journal cover the cutest thing ever?? I really want to keep him but now that the blogosphere knows he is supposed to be going to my little Gryffindor Pal, I will have to part with him.
HSKS4 Goodies

As we all know De-Nial is not just a place along a river. None of the baby sock patterns I picked are any faster than the regular stockinette socks I was already knitting. Heels still have to be turned and gussets have to be picked up - and the needles are tiny. There is a tube sock, but it's UGLY!! So I will finish the 52 Pair Plunge, but probably not on April 1st - foolish to think I could make shawls, scarves, afghans and get all of my sockies done. Heavy sigh. Onward. . .

Thursday, March 06, 2008

GWHS Class 77 and 78 Reunion Party

Damn I am old!!! Saturday August 16, 2008 at the Kubuki (previously the Miyako Hotel) in Japan Town there will be a GWHS 31/30 Year Class Reunion. Wow! I know a few people that will be there for sure - GiGi, Bonnie, Jenny, Baron, David, Denise, they never miss one. I better forward the e-mail to Carin and Bernie and make sure they know about it. Oh Washington to thee I pledge my faith and all my loyalty. Hail Washington Hail. (I was a letter girl ;} )

I am almost finished with the Gryffindor bag. I am working on the flap. I then need to add a strap and put in a lining. I definitely have time to add a few pockets. I love pockets myself, so I will stitch a few onto the lining and maybe one on the outside. I was thinking about a velcro dot for the closure of the flap but then I remembered the dragon buttons I have. I will use one of those instead. I will definitely be able to box this package up this weekend and get it in the mail. I have to take pictures though. I have had some non-posting downstream swap pals in the past, so I will be posting my own photo of my package. Voila the HSKS4 is almost done. This week is the Magical Objects Trivia Challenge for my Slytherin Housemates, the prize is a set of Knit Picks Harmony DPNs.

Then it's socks until April 1st. I replaced the bed sock pattern in my repertoire with some really cute baby socks.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I think I am going to focus on my Gryffindor bag now. I have all of my kit goodies already. I went a little crazy, but in my own defense, I thought I should include everything I have needed while knitting. Needles, stitchmarkers, point protectors, row counter, measuring tape, notebook, pattern, yarn, needle sizer, crochet hook and case (the case was on my swap pal's wishlist), wool soak, hand cream, candy, knitting/crochet yarn guidelines, knitting book, yarn/darning needle, scissors, and safety pins. So all I need to do is finish the bag and get it all off in the mail. The bag is my EE KCAL project which needs to be done by March 15th. That will be perfect timing. I have 16 mosaic pattern rows to complete then it's all stockinette from there. I have to make the strap and sew in the lining to finish it off. If I have any time left at all (doubtful) I want to put a few pockets in and on it.

I am working on the bed sock. Okay, the plan was to make smaller socks so I can finish off the 52 PP. But I just don't like this pattern. I think it is way too small and it looks kinda funny. I will finish this pair, and definitely give them away. But I have to come up with something else to reach my sock goal. I will cast on the baby sock tonight and see how that goes. I need to hit the Ravelry pattern directory and see if there are some quick and easy socks patterns, I must find a replacement for this bed sock.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

More Socks Done

Three more pairs done. Now I will be switching to the bed sock and baby sock patterns. I have one month to get the rest of the 52 pairs done. Starting to get anxious. But smaller socks have got to go faster. We'll see. . .

#36 Regia Multi Color Effekt Atlantik

#37 Seacoast Handpainted Panda Surf

#38 Jubilee Ocean Wave

Bev aka paletpc