Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's October

Did you know that 50% of my family was born in October? Even three of our God-children were born in October. Aren't we lucky all these balancing Libras in our lives??? I have been reading reading reading. I was reading 5 books at one time, I finished 3 and started another. You know how it is when one of your authors book comes out, you must start on it right away. I also mis-remembered my magazine renewals, and I am still getting Vogue Knitting - which I thought had surely expired and Simply Knitting. I am working on the Henry VIII sweater, but at 372 stitches in two color strands per round it is going pretty slow. I took a break from it over the weekend and added another couple of inches to my Dimple Shale scarf.

My poor sister, she is still off work with her broken foot. Have I mentioned how many people I know who keep falling down and hurting themselves? Mom - wrist, Sister - foot, friend Peggy - wrist & shoulder, friend Alma - arm, friend Alison - clavicle and other vital parts. I am being very careful these days!!!!

It has gotten wet and chilly, I feel like doing some Christmas shopping. Baby Aragon stopped by for a visit last Friday. He is beyond precious. OMG, he still has that new baby smell and he is soft and warm and OMG, don't you just love miniature people? As an added bonus his Daddy made Flan for Mom, delicioso. It is the best flan I have ever had, so carmelly. YUM!!!

I have been wearing my socks and sweaters, however I have decided to give two of my handmade sweaters to charity. One is the crocheted pullover in that beautiful multi blue yarn, just too hot. I am also getting rid of the grey nightmare Makes Tracks Cardigan, I remember burning the pattern? Someone will get some use out of them no doubt.

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