Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What's a Gifter To Do

I saw the friend I was making the Karabella Sweater for this weekend and she is no longer a medium. Thank goodness I did not get any further than I did. I completed the back and half of the left front only, and I was still searching for buttons. Whew, what a save. Not only do I not intend to complete the sweater for her, she provided a wish list for gifts that I much prefer shopping from. BUT I had a brainstorm, I am going to take the back of the sweater seam it up the sides and make a cabled handbag. The portion of the left front I completed can be seamed on to the front as the flap closure. I'll line it - Et Voila.

I received the rest of the KnitPicks sock yarns. I ordered every color way they had left in stock. The pictures in the catalog and online really don't do justice to the actual yarn colors. Therefore, I ordered everything so I could see it for myself. Whatever I don't knit or keep will go out to my Sock and Secret Pals. I had already bought them other yarns, making these hanks a little added bonus. Unfortunately I am not going to get the special items I ordered for them by my November shipping date. It really is a bummer because it was the perfect thing for Christmas. Shoot, this is the only time Herrschners has ever let me down - don't you just hate the word BACKORDERED???

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