Thursday, October 11, 2012


The math geek in me could not let this date go by without notice.  10/11/12  how cool is that?  While I was here I thought I would update my sidebar as well.  Some podcasts have come and gone.  I am watching some very interesting tv series, which by coincidence are all single word titles.  The word geek in me likes that. 

In general life has been suckalicious.  We have lost so many loved ones and too many other friends and family are in dire straits healthwise.  I have osteoarthritis in my right knee, yay 50's.  I am still crocheting, knitting, spinning and reading as much as possible.  I have added cross-stitching and gaming to the mix.  I will have to come up with a nifty icon for cross-stitching for the sidebar.

Hmmm, coming up with something new for the sidebar.  That might imply that I am bringing the blog out of retirement.  We'll see.  I don't spend as much time on Ravelry forums as I used to.  I am starting to spend less time on Plurk too.  So who knows, maybe I will fire the old blog back up.  I was surprised that it was still here unmolested with all of the changes to Google and the spamming that usual happens if you leave your page unattended for any time.


For now I will continue to make pretty things out of fluffy stuff while I laugh and cry at life.  Ciao!