Friday, April 30, 2010

My Bad

I have been meaning to post for days. Just keep forgetting. I have been knitting like crazy.

I am almost finished knitting sock #2 of the Austermann Step.
I am on color number 3 of the short rectangle of the VK #28 Lace Wrap.
I cast on and frogged a Matter and Void Shawl and went back to the plain old Clapotis in Interlacements Tiny Toes and Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. It is coming out gorgeous. I have knit through Section 2 on that.

Those are the three projects I am focusing on right now. I wound the yarn for the Sanguine Gryphon Minotaur sock and the yarn for the Mystic Desire KAL. I wound some other yarns up while I was in the stash box - 3 different Mystical Creations colorways, and they are beautiful. I have been chatting with some of you readers via e-mail so I have not completely lost touch with my knitting friends.

I am getting excited about the SF Ravelry Meetup on May 16th. I just ordered some cards and totes to identify myself. I had to create a new Palette PC logo, my old one is on an old computer and I just do not have the time to pull it up and email it or whatever to my current laptop. I had a desktop publishing company at one time and for the last two years I have not been doing any business so I did not transfer any of the company stuff to my new laptop.

The Wollmeise I sent off found its way to its new home. I still have 3 skeins I am willing to part with. I don't mind keeping them though.Mohrchen

My iPad is floating around San Francisco in a FEDEX truck somewhere - can you say "refresh tracking webpage" ? [it's almost like a Wollmeise update] It is supposed to be here by 3 pm. I have it set to e-mail me because Office Services is not always attentive with the mail rounds. We'll see.

I hope to post some of the photos I have been taking as I knit along on my projects. This weekend I have an Ultrasound appointment then I will be casting on two pairs of socks toe-up. I am not looking foward to either event. Cheers.

eta: oops I forgot, I finished one Noro fingerless mitt and the wrist of the second one.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

WIP Fantastic

The Wrap
I have complete the long rectangle - 3 repeats of each color.
I have cast on the short rectangle - which will be 2 repeats of each color.

I am working down the foot of the Austermann Step sock. I am going to knit 20 more rows before I begin the toe.
This is the first of the felted clogs, it really does not look like anything. I think they are going to be great though.

Last, and quite possibly least, the Noro fingerless mitts. I am knitting them magic loop because I do not have another needle this size. Not enjoying them at all, but I really need them in my frigid office.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long Time No Post

Wow it has been awhile since I posted. We have been having daily network issues at work, having to reboot 4 and 5 times per day. I have not wanted to have anything to do with a computer once I leave work. I have been having physical problems of the female variety all weekend and have gotten absolutely no sleep for three days.

On the brighter side, I have done some knitting. Although I did not transfer the pictures to the computer I have been taking occasional pictures of the projects I am working on. I have started the 8th and final color of the VogueKnitting #28 Lace Wrap. It is a great pattern. I am almost finished knitting the foot of the Austermann Step sock I am working on. This is a ball of yarn I bought from Webs in their discontinued sock yarn sale. The colors are not any I would have normally bought, but it is the faux fair isle patterning that I like.

The yarn for my felted clogs arrived but I was not up to casting them on. I also bought the club pattern, Phoebus Apollo Socks from the Loopy Ewe. Ugh, it's toe up - which y'all know I am not into. So what I did was rewind the yarn into two separate balls and I am going to cast them both on at the same time, so I only have to go through that madness one time. I am using Wollmeise 100% in Campari Orange. I am loving my clapotis, I think I will cast on another one in my other Zauberball, the teal green and black colorway.

I have put my colorwork sweaters (Henry VIII & Glenesk) into hibernation. I am just not into them right now. I have startitis. I want to cast on all of the projects in my project grab bag. I want to knit socks and shawls and some single color sweaters. I had to buy four more Sterlite Storage containers for my yarn collection, which is another reason I want to get some of the larger projects in my queue knit up, some of the single color sweaters in particular.

I need to get this yarn thing under control. I finally FINALLY finally received the priority shipping boxes from the post office Saturday. So at least a little Wollmeise will be going to a good home soon. I have some Socks That Rock I should probably put up for sale or trade too. Some of the sock club colorways are still sitting around in my stash from 2007 because they just were not my cup of tea. I also have some super fine cashmere from the Make One Lace club that needs a new home. I will have to meditate on that.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

RANT re: Priority Snail Mail

What's up with the box printers??? I have been to the post office TWICE for small and medium sized Priority Mail flat rate boxes. Both times they had NONE. I ordered them online from at last, I got a shipping confirmation e-mail on Wednesday - but still no boxes. What goes on???? Thank goodness what I am shipping is not urgent or on a deadline. But geez. I can understand the document sized flats being in demand, and they had plenty of those. However, those of us who want to ship a couple of hanks of yarn are totally out of luck. Something is wrong with this picture!!!