Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spin Along

I am participating in my first spin along. We all purchased Cloudlover fiber in The Tempest or The Magic Flute colorways. I chose The Tempest because it was available in Polworth, which I love to spin.

The Tempest
the tempest begins

It really looks different than I expected. I can say that about most of the fibers I have spun. They blend and combine into something much different than what is in the braid or bump.

I am currently working on my self striping socks and the Eiffel Tower shawl. But I received almost my entire Ravelry wishlist in a pay-it-forward love fest so I am anxious to cast on the Pamuya shawl in my handspun.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Handknit Xmas Gifts 2010

Berutti Hat Pattern in Swish Worsted Black

Short Row Hat in Telemark Garnet Heather

Boot Socks Pattern in Telemark Worsted Black and Truffle

Short Row Hat in Telemark Delft Heather

Stockinette and Hermione ED Lace Pattern Socks in Duet Skinny

Friday, December 17, 2010

Trying Something New

Well it's official, I am a Spinner. I remember when I declared myself a Knitter, it was a turning point. I believe this is another turning point in my crafting life. I have been spinning for six months and I am actually spinning yarn that I can use in knitting projects.

I am taking another small leap and joining the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spinning Group's (CTA) SAL - a spin along - which I never even knew existed. I have spun fiber from Cloudlover before, and she is the dyer providing the fiber for the SAL. I am confident that I can spin something lovely, with enough yardage to make something for the SAL posts. It is similar to KALs and CALs in that we all start with the same thing (pattern, yarn, what have you) process it and compare our end results. I am excited. I chose the Tempest Colorway in Polworth fiber. I love spinning Polworth.

I have also made a break from the Socks That Rock rockin' sock club. I won't be renewing in 2011, instead I spent slightly less than the membership amount on yarn and patterns from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I am joining some new and exciting sock yarn clubs in 2011.
1. Bad Amy Knits Stripey Sock Club - it is bimonthly, 3 shipments over 6 months, beginning February 2011.

2. & 3. Janel Laidman's Art & Sole and Illuminations Colorwork Sock Clubs are also on my to do list for 2011. You know how long I have had the Enchanted Sole on the nightstand. I am extremely excited about those two clubs!! I found them by accident by the way. I was going through someones projects to see what a given yarn looked like in a particular sock pattern. The knitter posted something about the sock clubs - thank goodness - or I would have missed out. I need to take better advantage of the Ravelry Groups, seriously.

4. I am planning to throw my name into the ring for the Perfect Day Yarns club too, but I doubt if I will get in. Previous members from past years have taken dibs as they have been loyal to PDY for years. There are not that many spots to go around. I'll give it a go though.

I am in a few fiber clubs next year too.
5. The Crown Mountain Farms monthly fiber club.
6. Dyeabolical Bump & Braid Club which is a 3 month club Jan, Feb & Mar.
7. Cloudlover Fiber Club - another 3 month club, which was Nov, Dec and Jan.

I have had a minor set back, neither my Grinch Sock Kit nor my self striping Snow Man Sock yarns have arrived. I am terribly disappointed. I had plans for them. Now they will have to wait until next year. The weather has disrupted the flow of goods people, and I am not happy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Almost There

I put together one bookcase over the weekend. I love this furniture it is just so well made and pretty. There is one last piece to assemble, another white bookcase for the guest/craft room. Then I will finally be done. I have our waste company picking up the styrofoam packing on Tuesday the 21st. I will glad to clear out the garage. The end is in sight.

I had to add a last minute project to my Christmas knitting. I finished it last night - YAY. I am back to knitting socks with stripes and shawls with holes. I am really enjoying all of the projects I have on the needles right now so I am glad I am finished with gift knitting AGAIN.

I am spinning some amazing fiber too. I started two separate bumps. More on that in another post. I want to get back to my Rudolph socks. Ciao.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Blessed Day

I got a "Survey" receipt from Starbuck's yesterday so I got to enjoy a free Venti Caramel Macchiato. Then I got my San Francisco Soup Company daily menu and I won a free Large Soup. I went down to get my soup and literally ran into Silvia and she is way pregnant, due the 26th of this month. Silvia is one of the sweetest people I have ever worked with. When she had her daughter Sophia 8 years ago we gave her a shower here at work and I made her a Baby Carriage tissue holder. She loved it. Now that I know how to knit, I want to make her some booties and a hat. I don't think I have time for anything bigger because the 17th is her last day. This has been a truly blessed day.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Year End Sales

I managed to finish my Christmas shopping for the kids, mostly Write Your Books from Barnes and Noble and digital photo album key chains for the teens. We are giving Dad pajama bottoms, house shoes and a fleece jacket this year. I bought a Red Cardigan from JC Penneys for Mom to give to me (I am her personal shopper). Lots of handknits for everyone, and gift cards for the work group. I am so happy we are not having dinner this year. My Cousin is having it at her house in Elk Grove. Yay.

Wow I scored a lot of stichmarkers, fiber and project bags during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, from various Etsy and ArtFire shops. Great discounts and free shipping offers were all over Ravelry. I joined 3 fiber clubs, two are Nov-Dec-Jan. The third starts in Jan and is for the whole year. I am undecided about the Socks That Rock Club 2011. If we get bonuses this year I will probably do the STR Club again in 2011.

The Berutti hat is done, I cast on a Short Row hat last night. I only have 18 more rows to go to finish the short row hat. I cast on the Shaken But Not Stirred scarf in Thraven, it is so pretty, I kinda want to keep it. I modified it for a guy, so there are no lacey olives on the border. The yarn is perfect. I am casting on self-striping socks as fast as I can. I want to wear the Rudolph socks on Christmas. We'll see.

I have not spun in over a week. The Quetzal Bird still needs to be plyed. I am thinking about spinning all of the 1 oz bumps and samples I received. My first one I want to try spinning without any prepping at all. I am not sure how to store my singles, I am considering winding them into cakes or balls for storage. Then once everything under 4 ozs is spun, I can decided what to ply together. I bought some solid fibers and I still have almost a pound of undyed fiber that I can spin and ply to get more yardage and different combinations.

I am not posting pictures of anything right now, because it is such a time suck. Taking pictures, editing them, labeling them, uploading them, then posting them just takes up too much time. This past week I have been spending that time knitting and I have finished 3 projects. That convinces me that less time on the computer equals more productivity. However, I have not been happy with the sparseness of my blog posts so I will try to spend more time here.

I need to find a new book. I have not been able to get into the Jasper Fforde book I started. Any recommendations??