Friday, March 30, 2007

Thanks Amy

I have to give a big thanks to my friend Amy. She was my Coach connection and is a fantastic knitter. She tried to get me to make the felted clogs but I chickened out and ended up making a needle holder instead . Then one day she asked me, "Do you BLOG?" It kinda sounded like an invitation to an Amway Party. So I said, no what's that? She gave me a really brief description and her blog address ( ). I checked it out and thought - neat, you can see what's going on with your family and friends. But no way (like Amway) could I do that. When would I have the time, and I have only been knitting 4 months, what would I have to say? Well that was a long time ago and this is my 130th post. So thanks again Amy, you were right, this online crafting community thing is quite cool. Now if we can just find those financial backers we've been searching for to open our dream yarn store !!!

Lets Go Shopping!

My goodness, I bet you think all I do is shop for yarn. Not True.

It's not just about yarn.

Amazon - videos, books and kits

  • Annie's Attics - patterns

    Aunt Di's De-Lites - stitchmarkers

    Barnes & Noble - videos, books and kits


  • Blue Moon Fiber Arts - STR Yarn

    Hill Country Yarns - yarn

    eBay - buttons

    Fearless Fibers - yarn

    Girl On The Rocks - stitchmarkers - books

    Herrschners - tools, Regia Silk, Red Heart

    Interweave Knits - magazines and books


  • Jimmy Beans Wool - patterns and great newsletter

    Knit Picks - EVERYTHING!

    Knitz & Glitz - row counter jewelry and stitchmarkers

    Loopy Ewe - yarn and accessories

    Mary Maxim - tools and references

    Mystical Creations - yarn

    Oze Yarn - great newsletter and ideas

    Patternworks - patterns, yarn and tools

    Smileys Yarns - felting yarn and needles

    WalMart - books


  • Webs - yarn and patterns

    Shop 'Til I Drop
    (my credit card under the desk)

    I shop online and know all threshold amounts for free shipping :)

    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    The Drug Mule Came

    The Drug Mule Came Today.
    He made a delivery in his unmarked white truck undercovered in his blue USPS outfit. He slipped the package under the Welcome mat where it could not be seen from the street. He was back in his truck and gone before anyone could get his license number or get a good look at his face.

    Some prefer wacky tabacky, alcohol, pharmaceuticals - over-the-counter or on the corner drugs.
    Not me! I crave a monthly dose of pure ROCK.
    Just cruise down Highway 30

    to County Clare and you will know why.


    Any Questions??


    Hi My Name is Bev and I am a Socks That Rock Addict, and I am not ashamed to admit I inhale!!!

    The Pushers (but you didn't hear it from me, I'm no snitch)


    Blue Moon Fiber Arts

    7 IS The Most Powerful Number


    Charmed Knits

    You do know . . . it was all about the SOCKS !

    Sunday, March 25, 2007

    WIPs in Motion

    Knit Picks Memories Yukon Socks #2

    This second pair of Yukons is for my Sister.
    Dale Sisik Tweed Bookworm Vest

    I think I finally found the right buttons on eBay.
    Karabella Aurora 8 Kenobi Jacket

    This is flying - love those size 11 Denise needles!!
    Regia Silk Lace Anklet

    These are still not up to par, but I will finish this first one before deciding if I will complete the pair. I am shaping the heel on sock one.


    Yarny Sunday

    Socks That Rock ~ County Clare


    Socks That Rock ~ Puck's Mischief

    Fearless Fibers ~ Tiger's Eye

    Fearless Fibers ~ Sublime


    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Not So Silky

    I have completed the border and leg of the Lace Anklet from Lace Style. I am using the recommended yarn, Regia Silk and I just have to say I am very disappointed in this Mocca yarn. It is fuzzing up terribly. If it fuzzes this badly when knitting it up, I don't anticipate it being a well wearing sock. I used the White and Loden Regia Silk in other projects and there was no fuzziness at all, so I guess the dye has something to do with it.

    Luxury, aw thy name is Aurora. My Kenobi Jacket in Aurora 8 is so nice and soft. The stitch definition is amazing. Pictures of my progress this weekend.

    My Bookworm Vest is coming along nicely and the pattern is starting to really develop. It is very difficult to photograph though. Black tweed, nope, you'll just have to imagine it. I do wish I had been able to find a better substitution yarn too. This Darn Sisik yarn is super soft. From the photo of the Bookworm Vest in Folk Vests the fabric looks much sturdier. I am not having much luck finding 1 1/4 inch buttons either. Back to E-Bay and Etsy this weekend!
    I purchased the rest of the Dresden Files series written by Jim Butcher. I also completed my set of Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan books. Okay, I broke the rule of shopping my bookshelves. But at least I did sell $36.44 cents worth of books on last month. AND, I will read these gently and list them too.

    That Stash thing - not doing so good either. I discovered a new Etsy store Mystical Creations - while looking for buttons - and I ordered a bunch of their yarn. But look at it, the stuff is gorgeous.
    Purple Dream
    Midnight Celestial
    And you know I cannot go to Etsy without getting a little Fearless Fibers.


    Tiger Eye

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    MARCH is National Crochet Month

    Upcoming Conferences
    Chain Link 2007
    July 11 - 15, 2007
    Radisson Hotel Center of NH
    Manchester, New Hampshire
    CGOA Regional Conference 2007
    September 27 - 30, 2007
    Oakland Marriott City Center
    Oakland, CA

    Monday, March 19, 2007

    Got Gauge!

    FINALLY. After three swatches, I finally got gauge for my Kenobi Jacket from Knitscene. I substituted Karabella Aurora 8 for the angora or alpaca the pattern called for. I don't like working with the fuzzy stuff. I love love love working with Karabella. It would have been a much simpler substitution if I could have used my Aurora Bulky, but the color I have in stash is all wrong for this sweater. Wait until you see the pictures. The stitch definition is fabulous. The color is Aubergine which really looks rich in moss stitch and reverse stockinette.

    Aw, the pleasures of knitting a row with more than 30 stitches in it. I stayed up way too late last night, wanting to do just one more row as the pattern started developing. I probably won't be blogging much this week. I want to get the back of the sweater done and at least up to the armholes on my vest. I cannot neglect my socks either, I had to rip some of the Bavarian Twisted sock because I did not change direction when reading an even row on the chart. I love that tweed yarn and I still wish they had it in a color that would have been good for my Bookworm vest. But it was not to be, Sigh :(

    Thank goodness Wooly Swapper sent me those great stitch markers, I need them for the size 11 needles my Kenobi Jacket is on. She foresaw my need, what great gifting eh?! I tried to use the size 11 Namaste needles my Secret Pal 9 spoiler gave me, but the wood texture did not agree with the yarn. I also find it very difficult and awkward to use straight needles, I have been on circulars since I first started knitting. I have some really nice glass, bamboo and rosewood straight needles, but they are pretty much just an artistic display - I never knit with them.

    Sunday, March 18, 2007

    Spoiled Spoiled Spoiled

    Spoiled brat that I am, I have a swap pal that sends gorgeous little teaser gifts with a personalized notecard. Dontcha love it??!! I DO

    ** Lace Stitchmarkers
    ** Abacus Row Counter Bracelet
    ** Delicate little butterfly beaded stitchmarker and row counter

    Thank you Wooly Swapper