Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not Well ~ Oh Well

I have not knitted since Tuesday at Chicks with Sticks. I have been feeling poorly and it was all I could do to drag myself out to work each day. It is year end and there was much to do in my AP Dept. I also wanted to be there to personally hand out raises and bonuses to both my departments. Our firm Holiday party was Friday and kind of mandatory for management. Saturday I had to get some groceries in the house, we needed basics like milk, bread, juice, eggs, etc. Now that's all done I am going to probably sleep the rest of today. I have to go to work tomorrow so, I need all my strength. But no knitting is getting done. I was just approaching the toe decreases on my Memories Yukon and Redwood Forest socks. My poor sweater is feeling totally neglected, and I was just getting in the groove with the lace shawls. Hopefully I will have a little more pep this upcoming week. My secret and sockret pals have gotten their Dec packages and liked them, yeah. I am enjoying all of the wonderful items my pal sent me. I have a dozen holiday cards to get in the mail and a UPS return. I will be glad at week's end - 3 days off. We are doing dinner Christmas eve, so Christmas can be a quiet recuperative day. Our tree is gorgeous and smells wonderful. Still lots of baking to do.

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