Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mail Call

My superb glass circular needles arrived from Michael and Sheila Ernst. They are beautiful. I also received a butt load of yarn from Webs, Herrschners and KnitPicks. My Country Clare Socks that Rock came from Blue Moon Fiber Arts too. Can you say gorgeous?!?! I ordered a second skein in a different colorway - Highway 30. I got the Half-Pi Shawl pattern from Rosie Knits. I want to try something simple before I start the other lace pattern I bought from KnitPicks. I am using KnitPicks yarn for this shawl though - Gossamer in Caribbean color way.

I still have not heard from my Sockret Pal, whereas my Secret Pal 9 just sent me a note that she has more goodies for me. Both my pals received their packages from me. I am packing up their next ones now. I have three socks to take pics of for the Socktoberfest site.
I started another pattern in the Lisa Souza, I am happy with this one. FINALLY!!!

Isn't my clock cool? I found that on the block of one of the Sockret Pals. Blogger keeps screwing up my site. The posting I created at work did not save, so I am typing this one. Which of course is not nearly as clever as the one I created earlier.

Glass L&V Needles:
Socks That Rock:
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