Saturday, September 30, 2006

World Vision

I just received my World Vision packet regarding the child I am sponsoring. Her name is Awa Dite Magara and she lives in Mali. I chose her because we share the same birthday. She has two brothers. I hope the little I can do will make her life better. I am putting a hello get-to-know you package together for her.

My socks are growing and the back of my sweater is almost finished. I still have to get some rows done on the traveling cable sweater but I forgot the pattern when I went downstairs to do laundry, so I only got to work on my Cardigan. I cast on my Lime & Violet project, but the pattern is getting lost in the color, so I will probably select something else.

It is already getting really cold here, so I am going to whip up a few afghans for my family. I have a great book that has pattern blocks that look like a sewn quilt when seamed together. 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Knitz and Glitz

I just received some goodies from Knitz and Glitz in the UK. I swear they arrived before I had a chance to drag my E-mail from Hazel into my saved folder. I so want to put pictures up and describe in detail my purchases, but alas I cannot. I bought some things for my Secret Pal 9 and my Sockret Pal. So mums the word. But go along to the Knitz and Glitz sight and check out the eye candy for yourselves. Too good to be missed, a great shopping tip from Carrie Anne of BritKnitCast - links in the sidebar.

Socks are Addictive

I don't want to stop knitting my socks. Not to eat, not to sleep, not to work on my sweaters... what have I gotten myself into? I managed to put them down for a few moments to work on my Cardigan last night. I am knitting two socks at once on two circular needles and they are going fairly quickly. I decided since my needles are identical I should work in two different yarn colors. So essentially I could still end up with second sock syndrome because I am not knitting a matching pair. If all goes according to Hoyle though, I will have two pairs of socks when I am done. Pretty cool, eh. Pictures to be posted this weekend.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Secret Pal Questionnaire Answers

SP9! Questionnaire Answers
How I store my needles/hooks. My straight sets are stored in the cases that came with the sets. I have circular needle cases, and the hat box storage set from Clothildes.
I am a self taught knitter, and I had a mentor in our Chick with Sticks group.
I would consider my skill level intermediate for sweaters.

On Line wish lists: Wish List
I do not spin.

I like Yanni, and Hiroshima.
My computer can play MP3s.

I have one small pet, a dog.I wear scarves and gloves. I do not wear hats, mittens, or ponchos.
I like to knit sweaters.
I am currently knitting 2 sweaters and 2 socks.
I love handmade gifts.
I own a yarn winder and a swift.
My oldest UFO was started July 2006
My favorite holiday is Christmas
Magazine subscriptions I have: Interweave Knits; Vogue Knitting; Knit It; Cast On; Knit N Style; Knit Simple; Creative Knitting
A technique I'd like to learn is steeking.

Actor - Vin Diesel
Actress - Goldie Hawn
Animal - My Dachsund
Band - Hiroshima
Book - Maia by Richard Adams
Bubble Bath - Herbal Essences
Candy - See's Candies California Brittle
Color - Blue
Flower - Sterling Silver Rose
Food - Pizza
Lip Balm - none
Lotion - Cocoa Butter
Movie - Big Country
Song - Unspoken Love
TV Show - CSI Las Vegas
Vacation Spot - Alaska

Sock-ret Pal Questionnaire Answers:
The basics:
I have been knitting for almost 2 years.
I am a beginning sock knitter.
The measurements:
I wear a size 10.5-11 shoe 9-11 size sock
Fiber related Favorites:
I love blues, greens and earth tones.
I prefer solid color fibers.
My favorite yarn is Karabella Aurora 8 and Aurora Bulky Merino Wool
I love to knit with the Karabella and Valley Yarns Wool/Alpaca Blend
My favorite vendors are Webs, KnitPicks, Herrschners and Patternworks
I most enjoy knitting sweaters.
Fiber related Dislikes:
I dislike Noro and Reynolds Lopi, 100% Cotton.
I don’t like mohair or any of the fun fur or novelty yarns.
I do not like the ribbon or trellis yarns.
I do not wear pinks or magentas or orange.
The Tools:
I prefer bamboo and metal circular needles.
I use two circulars.
Wanted Tools:
I would like the coil needle holders, the sock shaped point protectors. Knitting needle tubes or cases. Circular Needle ID Tags, Yarn Threader
The Extras:
Wish List: Shawl Pins, Buttons
Books Wish List:
Yarn Stash Workbook; Options Sweaters; Mason-Dixon Knitting
Hand Care: BeBe Bee Baby Balm
Washes: Kookaburra Delicate or Eucalan
Yarns I would like to try: (leftovers okay)
Soy, Hemp, Linen, Lily Chin, Lambs Pride
I am a Chocoholic – Milk Chocolate with Caramel & Nuts
I don’t eat white chocolate or Godiva
I Love Chocolate covered raisins
I like sours: Altoids Citrus and Tangerine
Hate cigarette smoke – quit in 1985
Prefer scent free; but lavender and sandalwood okay
I collect everything: magnets, postcards, state quarters, Monopoly memorabilia, lapel pins
Birthday: June 18, 1959
Favorite Author Today: JK Rowling
Favorite Vacation Spot This Year: Juneau, Alaska
Favorite Music Right Now: Hiroshima
Other: I Sudoku, iPod, and read for LibriVox
I am a member of the Crochet Guild of America and the Knitting Guild of America.
I Love Earthquakes - even 1989 Loma Prieta

Monday, September 25, 2006

Casting On

I cast on two socks and a cardigan last night. Completed another gauge swatch. I listened to some more podcasts and read some Harry Potter fanfic. I found a terrific site hosted by Harry Potter Knitters and Crafters. I plan to sign up soon and get involved with that group. There was a young lady at one of the events who had created Mrs. Weasley's house dress from Harry's first visit to the Burrow in COS. It was brilliant.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rock Star Salute

I am giving myself a little rock star salute and some B&J Karamel Sutra Ice Cream - I finished my second shrug. Go Bevie Go Bevie Go Bevie. That is two thirds of my Christmas gifts now completed. I found a new knitting podcast in the iTunes store last night Knit With Cat Hair. I look forward to more episodes.


I have used two of my new Options KnitPicks cables and both of them separated at the join. The needles stay attached to the join - IF YOU REMEMBER TO USE THE KEY. I did'nt the first time :O
But the purple cable on the 24" and a 32" cables have come out of the join. And my super glue is all dried up :{
But my knitting flies, and thank doG I did not lose any stiches :D

Swiftly Swifting

Whew, I just finished winding my 2 hanks of Lime and Violet and 3 hanks of Shimmer. I want to cast on something today, but after going through 39,578 patterns last night, I can't decide which to make. There is a lot more color to the L&V than I expected. I was thinking about one of the Elizabeth I scarves from KnitPicks and a pair of socks, which is why I bought two hanks. But the evil twin has kicked in and we can't make up our little minds.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Snakes on a Plane

I just went downstairs to let the dog out and on the counter was a package from Miss Lisa. Whoo hoo, my Lime & Violet is here. I am casting on tomorrow !!

Ryder Cup

Our Ryder Cup team sucks. But at least I got a lot of knitting done. I pulled some more Crochet Hat patterns out for my students on Oct. 7. I will whip them up this week so they can see their choices. I completed my questionnaire for the secret pal swap.
Rosie's Afghan

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lime & Violet Laughing Out Loud

I am getting all caught up on my Lime and Violet podcasts. Laughing out loud at work, it's a good thing. Thank God it's Friday. I can't wait to get home and hug my sock yarn!! Lisa e-mailed me, and my Lime and Violet yarn for the KAL is on its way - alright!!!! But the wierdest thing is that I had chosen one of the KnitPicks Elizabeth I scarves to knit out of the L&V LSouza yarn, and in the episode I just listened to - Miss Violet just bought the same patterns from KnitPicks too.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Knit Alongs

I have joined a couple of knit alongs, they sound like fun. I was going through my stash and came across enough sock yarn to make a dozen pairs of socks. Then I read the article about knitting two socks at once. Well it's fate. So Socktoberfest here I come. I also joined Lime and Violet's knit along, but Lisa Souza's yarn is too gorgeous to be hidden inside of shoes. I am definitely going to do an upper body garment with it. I can't wait to get it.

I have completed another 5 inches on the second half of the shrug. Nothing more on the sweater, I will dedicate the weekend to it.

October 7th I will be holding a knitting and crochet class. I have had many requests for lessons, and what's a better stash buster, eh!! I will supply the yarn and needles and a little know how. I just ordered a set of Lantern Moon Circulars, so I can let go of some of my Susan Bates and Clover needles.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Swatch Time

I have my patterns and yarn. Now it's swatch time. I will work up my Make Tracks Cardigan in Gray Berkshire Bulky on size 10.5 needles and The Portland Sweater in Red Combo Rainbow on size 8 needles. I cannot wait to see how the rainbow pattern develops.

VOGUEknitting Fall 2006 arrived today. It's really lovely. I will be checking my stash for sock yarns. I like Meg Swanson's article and I have most of Elizabeth Zimmerman's books and both sets of her VHS tapes. "Knitting Without Tears" took the fear out of knitting for me. More on this issue after I finish reading the patterns.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Triple Score

My Felted Needle Holder - actually felted.

Delivery from Webs - ultimate stash enhancement; yarn and patterns.

Karabella 8 and Karabella Chunky - yummy, my favorites.

The O-Wool is Organic from Vermont Organic Fiber Company. I have never worked with organic wool before, but it's gotta be good. The nature of the yarn gives it an excellent stitch definition, and the long staple length prevents stitches from pilling. O-Wool™ Classic is cozy, easy on the hands in warm weather and becomes softer with every washing. Spun from luxurious 100% Certified Organic wool and processed in accordance with the Organic Trade Association's Fiber Processing standards. O-Wool uses no harsh chemicals in processing making it durable, long lasting and a well-wearing fiber. Content: 100% Organic Wool .

And Last But Never Least - Knitting Mysteries

One of my favorite authors, Maggie Sefton has published a third Knitting Mystery " A Deadly Yarn". Her other two titles are, " Needled to Death" and " Knit One, Kill Two". Maggie's trademark is to include a recipe from the story and one or two patterns. Much fun!!! Also, on the bookshelf are selections from Monica Ferris and Debbie Macomber, from their needlecraft mysteries series.

No More Noro

Noro yarn is awful - awfully expensive, awfully full of knots and awfully full of twigs. Ridiculous!! Noro is definitely on my banned yarn list. The felting project is a toss up. The fabric felted, but it did not shrink very much after three wash cycles. It is almost dry. I will take pictures tonight, it should be completely dry by then. It will definitely serve the purpose I created it for, holding long single pointed knitting needles. I am going to attach plastic canvas on the bottom and near the top to poke the needles into, so they don't flop over.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Funny Felting

I completed my crocheted piece that I plan to felt. It looks pretty funny right now, I hope it shrinks a lot. I included the left over Noro from the complete shrug.
I completed the first half of the second shrug.
I also completed a few more inches on the left side of the Traveling Cable Sweater.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Kudos to Lion Brand

I just received the fall/winter 2006 Lion Brand Yarn catalog. Wow, they have taken catalogs to a whole new level. It reads like a magazine. The photography and products descriptions are interesting and fresh. They have some really nice crochet designs and a good article on felting. It is worth taking a look.

I have completed the first half of the shrug and another 5 inches on the cable sweater.

Off I GO, Finishing My UFOs

I have walked, watered and fed Mr. Indy and taken Mom her coffee in bed. Chores are done - let the games begin. Here are my UFOs right now. . .

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday, It's A Good Thing

Lots to finish this weekend. I have updates to do on my client's website. I will be binding off the first half of the shrug. I will try my first felting project. Jeanie of Crochet Cast had a great episode on felting crochet. I want to make a needle holder with a handle; I plan to use 2 or 3 colors. I will be printing address labels for the 2007 Turner family reunion to be held in Las Vegas.

Sunday I plan to do a button search. I want to include the buttons of my favorite bloggers and podcasters in my sidebar.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who's On First

KnitPicks Options
I reached the section of my shrug where you decrease 50% of the stitches and have to go to shorter circular needles. I switched to my brand new KnitPicks Options needles. They are sharp, super smooth at the join and the cables are ultra flexible. I am really glad I bought them.

Crochet Cast
One of my favorite podcasts is Crochet Cast and I was surprised and pleased to hear my name on the show. Pretty cool. Don't be shy, if there is a podcast you like and you want to let them know and participate - go for it. You may hear your name on a cast one day.

I have been ignoring my sweater a bit, and I can't even find my project bag with the baby blanket tonight. Maybe the dog moved it. I wanted to cast on my Gray socks tonight. . . I have the weekend to get some rows done. I will definitely be able to finish this half of the shrug and the left side of the sweater by Monday. I'll cast on my socks when I complete those two to-dos.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Socks in Harry Potter's World

The Socks in Harry Potter’s World
Dumbledore tells Harry that if he looked into the Mirror of Erised he would see himself holding a new pair of warm woolen socks.
One of the Dursley’s presents to Harry was a pair of Uncle Vernon’s old socks.
Harry hides his sneakoscope in Uncle Vernon’s sock.
Dobby tells Harry that the family is careful not to pass Dobby even a “sock”, for he would be free to leave their house forever.
Harry tricks Lucius Malfoy into giving Dobby a sock and thereby frees him.
Mrs. Weasley never knits socks in any of the books.
Hermione and Dobby both knit socks and hats. Harry and Dobby exchange socks at Christmas.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Projects Finis

Tally Ho Vest JSS #29 Trendsetter Yarns
Designed by Jane Slicer Smith
Baruffa Merino’s Otto Color 300 Chocolate
100% Extra Fine Merinos
Size #8 Needle
For Me :D
Notes: This came out great but I did have to add one addition button at the

Garter Ridge Cardi
May 2006 Creative Knitting Magazine
Designed by Scarlet Taylor
TLC Cotton Plus #3859 Navy - #4 Medium
51% Cotton 49% Acrylic
Sizes #6 and #8 Needles
For my Mother for her birthday.
Notes: This sweater is more like a jacket. It is much heavier than I
expected a cotton sweater to be. It worked up really fast and there was minimal finishing.

Sassy Shrug
September 2006 Creative Knitting Magazine
Designed by Elizabeth Freeberg
Self Striping Yarn
Noro Kureyon Color 128
100 % Wool - #4 Medium
Size 10 Circular; Size 8 Circular; Size 8 dpns
Gift for a friend.
Notes: This worked up so fast and came out so beautiful that I immediately
started making another one. I would not use Noro again however.

Video iPod Bag
Crocheted on the fly, no pattern
Berroco Suede in Sand


Sassy Shrug
September 2006 Creative Knitting Magazine
Designed by Elizabeth Freeberg
Self Striping Yarn
Noro Kureyon Color 138
100 % Wool - #4 Medium
Size 10 Circular; Size 8 Circular; Size 8 dpns
Gift for a friend.

Traveling Cable Cardigan Karabella Yarns KK260
Knit Picks Merino Style Nutmeg
100% Merino Wool
Size 8 Needles
Gift for a friend.
Notes: This is the second sweater I am making with this pattern. I made the first one for my Sister for her birthday last year. It was my inspiration piece, I learned to knit just so I could make her this sweater. It is fabulous, and it is actually easier than it looks

Pretty in Pink Baby Blanket
V-Stitch White blankie that I am trimming in
Pink shoelace yarn
J Size Hook
For Olivia Neal, her Christmas present.

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Inspiration Piece

I have been knitting for a bit over a year now and I am so proud of myself. Two of my knitting mentors left California many months ago. They left me just as I was finishing the Traveling Cable Sweater below. I don’t have a picture of my creation, my Sister has not sent me a picture of herself wearing it yet. But the pictures next to the pattern photo are shots of the back of the second one I have on my needles now.

I am so happy that when I shop for yarn, patterns and magazines that I can buy the Knit ones now too. I am a Knitter!!

I have read and heard from many of you that your significant others feel neglected when you are spending your time with your projects instead of them. I think of it as our version of “Football Widows” syndrome. With the NFL season under way, I doubt they will mind us spending time on our own thing for the next few months. My roomie, and my spoiled-brat-dog-child complain that they never see me. “You are always in your room KNITTING!!” My answer to that is, “that’s not true, I am crocheting too!!!” The dog knows as soon as he sees the books, hooks and sticks, he is not getting a belly rub any time soon. You think they would be happy that I can now make them Clothes, and Doggy Afghans.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Two Passions: Books and Needle Arts

My Greatest Passion Is Books
I have always loved books. I don’t just enjoy reading, I am not just entertained by clever prose. I LOVE BOOKS. I participated in the Summer Reading Programs at two different libraries each year. I held the record for buying the most books from Scholastic Books during Elementary School – and I have many of those books on my bookshelves still. I volunteered in my school libraries with my best friend DH. I love the crispness of unread pages. I love the fonts that have great size and definition. I love book accessories; I have many book lights, book covers and thousands of bookmarks. I have purchased brand new copies of books when it came time to re-read my favorites. I have given books to friends, family, charities, sell them on and I leave them in the basket in the breakroom at work. I want others to love books too. What’s my favorite gift? You guessed it – Gift Cards for any bookstore; brick and mortar, or online.

My Other Great Passion Is The Needle Arts
I Crochet, Knit, Cross Stitch and create in Plastic Canvas. I use my computer to organize, design and display my work. I listen to, what else, audiobooks while I am working. I maintain an extensive collection of books, patterns, catalogs and magazines on my Needlecrafts. I will be reviewing the volumes in my collection.

I am also caught up in the Harry Potter phenomenon.
I was pleased to discover that they were books about a child, not children’s books. They are part mystery, suspense, thriller and friendship stories. I have some definite opinions, theories, ‘ships and predictions I insist on forcing on the public. I will be discussing that topic in future entries on this blog. For now I will just say that, I predict that Great Auntie Murielle’s goblin made tiara [HBP page 623] is the same one that once belonged to Ravenclaw (sometimes seen on the Ravenclaw ghost) which is sitting in the room of requirement (for safe keeping no doubt), atop Harry’s HBP Advanced Potions Making book, a bust of an old wizard, and a dusty old wig. [HBP page 527]. After all “Gringott’s was the safest place in the world for something you wanted to keep safe/hide - except perhaps Hogwarts.” [SS pages 63 & 162].

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