Thursday, November 16, 2006


I renewed my Barnes and Noble membership at last. I bought my 2007 Castles Calendar, Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches audiobook on CD and a cute Posh Pooches knit set. So I am one third of the way through the $25 outlay for the membership and will be getting the "real" discount soon. I received e-mail coupons, one for a Scrabble set in Black Onyx, yum, sounds beautiful. The other coupon is for James Patterson's book CROSS. I was going to get that anyway, but with this coupon it is less than $14 bucks. Cool.

It is freezing today. My poor dog son is stuck outside today too. I just hope it does not rain.

I dropped a stitch on my sock laughing at Lime & Violet last night. They are really doing big things though. Too bad plutonic boyfriend is moving, he had finally come out of his shell and was sharing his perspective on the male knitting world. After listening to David and PB, I realized there is a major shortage on patterns for men. I received my Interweave Knits magazine yesterday, and there were only two patterns for blokes. But at least one of the sweaters listed the designer, I am going to google him tonight. Though the man in my life has four legs, long hair, and won't wear clothes - I might like to knit something for a guy someday.

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