Monday, August 22, 2011


I am in a holding pattern. I am waiting for my Mother Bear Pattern to come so I can determine how many I can knit/crochet and what each entails. I confess, I want to do the bears wearing the cute little outfits.  I am not sure how that is accomplished.  I will be supporting a few of the participants in the Bonus Challenge of the Podcasters Challenge 2011.  We will be knitting and crocheting bears for the Mother Bear Project based in Minnesota. 

I want to cast on my Clockwork and My Wish shawls at the same time. I also want to start spinning one of my Sheep to Shoe kits.  I have 24 rows and the edging left to knit on my Camp Loopy Project #3 before I can cast on.  I can't decide which yarns to use for My Wish shawl, I like the fall colors in Carin's (Round The Twist) and the blues in JAKelsay's (Ravelry TKG Forum post) shawls. I have lots of fiber I could spin and make it out of handspun.  I have also been thinking about some of my fall/autumn Socks That Rock colorways like Witch's Brew and Gail's Autumn Joy.  Too many choices.

I have not located my partially completed Glenesk Cardigan.  I have looked for it two weekends in a row.  Bizarre.  I found the Henry VIII pullover and the Lismore Cardigan Kit, but no Glenesk.  I plan to go ahead and finish the Felted Clogs and the Drop & Cross Stitch scarf.  Those are the only other remaining projects on my 11 WIPS in 2011 to do list. 

I signed up for a hat knit along with the Sockbunny podcast.  I have two hats on my Christmas knitting list and I still have not knit any hats for myself.  So I will begin that KAL in September along with the Bears.  Seems like a lot, but none of these projects have deadlines except the Camp Loopy Shawl.  Everything else is to be knit or spun when and if I can.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stash Dash Down and Loopy II Done

I have completed The KnitGirllls Stash Dash, I am over 6,000 yards now.  I have almost 23 bumps/skeins logged in for the DramaticKnits Stash Down.  I also completed the Camp Loopy Project II.  How did I manage all this you might wonder, let me show you.

Camp Loopy OWLIE socks
Owlie Socks

Eiffel Tower Shawl (unblocked)

I also finished the Lazy Katy scarf.   Which means two more projects off my 11 WIPS in 2011 list.

1. Ardeo Socks ** DONE **
2. Chocolate Mint Socks ** DONE **
3. Cobblestone Sweater ** DONE **
4. Drop & Cross Scarf
5. Eiffel Tower Shawl  ** DONE **
6. Glenesk Cardigan
7. Lazy Katy Shawl  ** DONE **
8. Martini Scarf - Shaken Not Stirred # Frogged #
9. Rudolph Socks ** DONE **
10. Sockolatte Mousse Socks ** DONE **
11. Tweedy Clogs - Felted Clogs

I am working on some self striping gradient stockinette socks until Sat. when I plan to pull out my Glenesk sweater and get to work on the arm hole steeks.

Teal Gradient

I have also predrafted these four little one ounce braids of fiber.  Not sure about how I will ply them.  There surely won't be enough yardage to knit anything except a crazy scarf.  The bump with the bright colors really does not coordinate with the other three.

CJ Delights Rainbow