Saturday, November 25, 2006

Super Pal 9 Report

My SP9 Pal struck again. Yesterday I received an unbelievable gift box from my Secret Pal.

Just feast your eyes on these Goodies:
3 hanks of Berroco Cotton Twist in a variegated pink colorway. The gold in there may not show up well in the photos - but it really sparkles. A very cute, and extremely useful, Stationery Tool Kit containing miniature tape dispenser, tape, hole punch, staple remover, stapler and staples in a handy little carrying case. Needless to say that was popped right into the project bag. And beyond the limits - a set of NAMASTE knitting needles. DIG THAT CASE. Oh my goodness, this is a gorgeous set!! Once again my Secret Pal 9 has me doing the happy dance. Thank you so much.


SP9 said...

Yeah for SP gifts!!! Enjoy!!!

Bev Love said...

I did a swatch with the Namaste needles. I wanted to see what Karabella 8 Aurora yarn would look like in one of the Elizabeth I lace scarf patterns. It came out really nice. But I am on a cast on fast until I finish a couple more socks and at least half of one of my lace shawls.