Friday, November 10, 2006

Gotta Heal the Heel

I have to rip the heel on my second Smores Memories Sock. It just came out wonky, I think the working 2 stitches past halfway is one stitch too many. I always have more stitches on one side. I did not do that with the Pansy sock heel I turned last night and it came out perfectly even, all the stitches ended up on the same needle at the same time. Very important since these socks are for my Sockret Pal. I want them to be perfect.

I am reading The Amber Room by Steve Berry, wow can you imagine, a room with intricately carved amber walls. All of the desks, ashtrays, vases, everything is all amber. Just the thought sounds breathtaking. Of course the heroes of our story have not found the missing pieces of the room yet, the nazi cave they just uncovered was empty (sigh). But at least they didn't get buried when the cave collapsed and the assassin didn't get to kill the heroine before making his escape.

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