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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Quest TV Show

Finally a fantasy show that's like playing Skyrim in real life. Enjoying it. The voting is BS as with most "reality" shows. But the competition and challenges are very entertaining.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

TDF 2014

Tour De Fleece spin along.

I was on only two teams this year.  The Painted Tiger and the Lanterne Rouge teams.  I had a goal of 12 ozs, I ended up spinning 16 ozs.

Colorway: Water Lillies

Colorway: Lakeshore

Colorway: Peacock

Camp Loopy and SSK 2014

Time for an update.  I somehow moved my works in progress and stashing over to You Tube.  I know right, not my style at all.  I have really gotten into cross stitching and there is a wonderful community of stitchers on You Tube.  It has replaced Ravelry as my go to place to hang out with other crafters.  I am still on Plurk daily and I check in on Instagram when I remember to turn on my phone.   So lets start with the knitting.

Camp Loopy Project #1
Traveling Woman Shawl in Trekking XXL

Camp Loopy Project #2 Boneyard Shawl in Cascade Ultra Pima in Ginseng
For the third and final Camp Loopy 2014 Project I am going to knit a sweater in Cascade 220 Como Blue. I originally chose the Harvest Cardigan from TinCanKnits. However, I saw a sweater in the try-it-on room at SSK that I would really like to knit as well, the Modular Angle Cardigan. Tomorrow is cast on day so I need to make up my mind tonight.

Speaking of SSK, it was fantastic again this year. Lots of new friends were made. I actually got some knitting done this year. I also had an opportunity to work the vendor market. I lent a hand to Sadie of Knitter's Knightmare. I really enjoyed it. My roommate this year was Amy Beth of the Fat Squirrel Speaks. I got to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people in the world.

My stitching area in Gibson Hall at Scarritt Bennett Center.
The Grand Ole Opry from the window of the shuttle.
The beautiful self striping minis Sadie gifted me. 

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Camp Loopy 2014

Campy Loopy 2014 starts today.  I have completed the setup rows in the Traveling Woman Shawl which I am knitting in Trekking XXL.

I finished two pairs of socks. That makes a total of 748 yards towards Stash Dash 2014.

Bluebeard's Princess is more of a siren than a mermaid. I want to stitch her instead of my other cross stitch projects. I am doing a stitch along so I am trying to pace myself. The colors are so beautiful though, I want to keep stitching her hair and tail.


 In other news I just reached 102 Subscribers on You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvGjHdRFmxZrJCH3wmPuCASvYGJUkz_Vz

Friday, May 23, 2014

Stash Dash 2014

Yay!  La La of the Knitgirllls is continuing the tradition of doing a craft from stash marathon while she is on summer vacation.  I love trying to accomplish these stash dash goals.  This year it is 5000 meters.  I have been saving the toe of my rainbow tube socks until today, when Stash Dash officially begins.

I just finished one toe, and I am starting on the toe decreases of the second sock.

One of my goals this time around is to work through my fiber stash.  I am going to start with some very old bumps of Crown Mountain Farms.  They are 8 ounces each and are prepared as pencil roving.  I want to spin 3 ply yarns out of all four bumps.

Lots of stitching going on as well.  I have an intermittent finish.  I have (too) many new starts and progress on a couple of wips. 

Save The Earth

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf aka the epic cross stitch project - Page 3 completed.

Sherlock and The Door combo.

Mirabilia Bluebeard's Princess. I love beading, I did not expect to enjoy it this much.

I put this California Map on time out. I did some back stitching in the wrong color and it was a pain to pick out, yada yada.

I have one other new start that I have not even taken a picture of yet. I am trying Sullivan's embroidery floss on this one. So far I love it, zero knots or twists and the coverage is excellent. When this one is done it will look like this.
No quilting or sewing. I do want to sew a couple more cross stitch zippered project bags. I bought another Atenti bag, Blue Sue, from the Loopy Ewe for my frames and hoops. I bought a Namaste Hermosa bag for my cross stitch kits, magazines and booklets.


 Speaking of The Loopy Ewe, Camp Loopy 2014 starts June 1st and the theme for project one is a favorite book, movie or TV show.  I am going to knit another Traveling Woman Shawl, based on Angela Montenegro in the Bones TV Show.

  The other two Traveling Woman shawls I knit took three days each. I hope this one knits up as quickly. I am assigned to team Glamper 4. Several other Glamper 4 members are also planning to knit this shawl for project #1.