Monday, September 15, 2008


That title should be in flashing lights and smell like chocolate. I have my Wollmeise Sock (not bloody likely) yarn in hand. The Hollerstaud'n is a rich mix of berry colors ranging from Rasberry to Blackberry. The Buxkranzl is the greens of Augusta during the Masters. This is the most gorgeous yarn ever - and considering I have a fair amount of Wollmeise in my collection already, that is really saying something!!! It makes me shiver it is so - je ne sais quai, it makes me speechless.

There is no way this yarn will be walked on, I am knitting something for much higher on the body. Gloves, scarves, a Forest Canopy Shawl - but something that will definitely be SEEN. There is a metric ruler which was included to protect the DPNs during shipping, which as a inch-to-metric conversion challenged knitter, I really appreciate. The Holz Stein needles are beautiful, the wood is chocolate and caramel swirls/grain. Lovely. Although I find this yarn too precious for feet, I will definitely be knitting the I Mog Di sock pattern by BockStarkknits. I will probably use Shi Bui, Louet or Sundara yarn instead of this unbelievable Wollmeise. I kid you not, I moaned for several minutes when I pulled it out of the package. I was so thrilled that is contained two different colorways and at 574 yards, there are so many options, so many patterns, so little time!!

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Luv it!