Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pretty Patterns & Techniques Too

I received three new books from Knit Picks today:

Shawls Two, On The Go - Sixth&Spring Books. Ya know, I don't think I have Shawls One, if not I will be ordering it soon. This book is off the hook. So many great patterns.

Ethnic Knitting Discovery by Donna Druchunas re The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and The Andes. Very timely since I will be doing color stranded projects soon. Another goodie by Donna, love that woman. I really enjoyed Artic Lace, and this book is even more . . . je ne sais quai. She gives you background, technique, patterns stitch definitions and repeats, resources - EVERYTHING. She even goes over VERY SCARY STEEKS. Yep, there is a reason why that word ends with eeks!! But Donna walks you through it all, no worries ( yeah right - you cut yours first).

Knit With Beads: Stunning Shawls & Wraps by Scarlet Taylor Okay this one is just pretty. The shawl that struck me as a must knit is not even lacey. It is the Hounds Tooth Stole, oh my goodness. My sister has Hounds Tooth gloves, I must knit her a matching scarf - JUST MUST!!

All three books contain great information on techniques and design. You can easily adapt the projects to something you want to make. I will probably only knit one project from each book "As Is". I will use them more for reference guides or jumping off points.

While I was shopping the books I went ahead and ordered a set of size 6 Harmony tips, the locking stitchmarkers I cannot seem to get through a pair of socks without and some 32" and 40" cables to use as lifelines in my lace knitting. I found the technique on and it worked like a charm. I have only (knock on wood) had to use a lifeline once, but it was a pain picking up laceweight yarn from cotton thread. So, on my current project I put the Knit Picks Harmony tips on a 40" cable, knit a row, screwed on the end caps and moved the tips back to the 24" cable I was working with. However, unlike the thread lifeline, I am moving the cable up after every milestone. I also used a KP cable for the invisible cast on, so when time comes to begin the knitted on border, I will have no stitches to pick up, I just need to move the needle tips to go live with that cable. I HEART KNIT PICKS!!!!! They make knitting so much more fun and enjoyable with all of these wonderful tools.


cici said...

I like Knit Pic a lot too. Sounds like you covered all the bases and are ready for anything:D

Donna Druchunas said...

Hi thanks. Always nice to be loved. :-)