Friday, September 05, 2008

Shake Shake Shake

We just had an EARTHQUAKE!!! It was a very good one, lots of shaking. I am not sure where the epicenter was, I don't have on a television. I am listening to audiobooks and catching up on Ravelry forums.

Everything happens for a reason!! I was "supposed" to go through my yarn stash over the three day weekend. I killed not one, but TWO MOTHS a couple of weeks ago. I freaked out and swore I would personally finger every strand of Socks That Rock and Wollmeise in my collection. But I read, watched Netflix, knit and crocheted instead. Today I received a Ravelry message requesting to buy or trade some Sundara from my stash. I did not want to say yes without locating it first - SO - that meant going through my Yarn Collection. I worked up quite a sweat considering it is 90+ degrees here after 8:00 p.m. Anywhoo, it was in the bottom bin in the corner, and at the bottom of that bin. I had to pull it out of the corner after removing all of the bins and knitting books, patterns and project bags that live on top of it. But there it was a perfect skein of Sundara Black over Violet yarn, nicely protected in a plastic ziplock next to a lavendar sachet. Mind you this meant I had gone through every single storage bin of yarn to find this skein. Why is it that what we are searching for is always on the bottom of the last pile we lay our hands on? So I login to Ravelry and go to Messages to let the person know I have the yarn in hand and would be willing to send it off to her, and there, in my inbox is a message from her that she has gotten the yarn she needed from someone else. ALL I can say is, at least I know I have no MOTHS in my yarn collection, and that is one less chore I have to do this weekend.

Squee, I just got an e-mail from Donna Druchunas!!! I am so going to add her to my Star Struck post.

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Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

If I remember correctly what the news said, it was centered just east-northeast of Alamo and was a 4.0. Just a baby quake, but at least large enough to feel the shaking and get people talking. I'm always amused to see people who have never experienced a quake before being interviewed on TV - they're all afraid that the earth will open and swallow them up LOL. I'm glad that you're okay and in one piece. I'm surprised we didn't feel it (I'm next to Hayward, right on the Bay), but we were asleep - that might have had something to do with it. :)

Have a great weekend!