Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Blog-A-Versary

I have been blogging for two years. Wow, I am sitting here remembering how it all started - Secret Pal Swap requirements. My friend Amy had asked me once, when we were discussing her felting of clogs, if I blogged. I was totally clueless. But I thought, why would I want to do that, I talk to myself enough as it is. But then I explored a bit and discovered swaps, podcasts, Blogger, Flickr and well the rest is history in the making. I must share something that touches me on this two year Blog-A-Versary. The very first podcast I listened to was about crocheting and Jeannie sounded so friendly and made the knit-crochet-crafting community feel so welcoming that I e-mailed her. And she gave me my first Podcast shout out.
  • Crochetcast

  • Episode 6 Crochet Felting

    Jeannie has been offline for awhile and I have wondered and worried, you know how easy it is to lose your web friends? Here today gone tomorrow Error 404 ?!?! But I refused to let go and kept her on my bloglines, and I was thrilled to see she is blogging again. She has been through some valleys, y'all know how that goes! But she is back with us so everybody send her a big electronic hug. Now if I could just hear something from Shannon in Japan, and if JustLindaOnline Knitting would stop playing and get back on the mic all would be right with my little world.

    Aw yes, back in the days before socks and lace. When I knit actual garments.

    Tally Ho Vest JSS #29 Trendsetter Yarns
    Designed by Jane Slicer Smith

    Baruffa Merino’s Otto Color 300 Chocolate
    100% Extra Fine Merinos
    Size #8 Needle
    For Me :D
    Notes: This came out great but I did have to add one addition button at the

    Garter Ridge Cardi
    May 2006 Creative Knitting Magazine
    Designed by Scarlet Taylor

    TLC Cotton Plus #3859 Navy - #4 Medium
    51% Cotton 49% Acrylic
    Sizes #6 and #8 Needles
    For my Mother for her birthday.
    Notes: This sweater is more like a jacket. It is much heavier than I
    expected a cotton sweater to be. It worked up really fast and there was minimal finishing.

    Sassy Shrug
    September 2006 Creative Knitting Magazine
    Designed by Elizabeth Freeberg
    Self Striping Yarn
    Noro Kureyon Color 128
    100 % Wool - #4 Medium
    Size 10 Circular; Size 8 Circular; Size 8 dpns
    Gift for a friend.
    Notes: This worked up so fast and came out so beautiful that I immediately
    started making another one. I would not use Noro again however.


    cici said...

    Happy Blogaversary to you!!!!. The time goes so fast. Crochetcast sounds like a great podcast, to bad she stoppped. Have you ever thought about having your own podcast?

    Bev Love said...

    I have never thought about podcasting, I don't have the time to commit to it. But I do enjoy listening to them!

    Virtuous said...

    Happy Blog Anniversary!!

    I would so listen to you if you podcast Bev!

    Sheila said...

    Happy Blogaversary!!!