Monday, September 15, 2008

Turning Corners

I have turned the heel on Sock 1 in Smores Memories and I am almost finished with the border on the Celtic Knot Stole. I decided to go ahead and work the border since the body of the stole was substantial enough to have something to hold onto while working that crochet cast on row. So now when I get to the other end and knit that border I will be completely finished. My Spring Thing Shawl is very pretty in the Zephyr Sable. I think it will look really lovely with my chocolate brown cashmere winter coat.

We got our cruise documents and I am beyond excited. I went out and bought new luggage. I had so much trouble getting my oddly shaped Joy Mangano piece in the cabin closet last cruise that I had to buy a traditional set. I got a 6 piece set with the 28" and 24" expandable pieces. I should be able to fit souvenirs in by expanding them on the way home. I like the hanging toiletry bag too, very handy. I bought it in a bright primary blue color and I am going to permanent marker my name on the bottom. All luggage looks alike to me so I need a little visual assistance in locating my own.

For some reason I could not get into blogger dashboard last night, busy web night I guess.

Big Bummer, my Wollmeise sock club shipment came Saturday - WHILE I WAS OUT buying luggage. My Roomie is going to go to the PO and pick it up for me today. Geez, timing is everything I was gone less than two hours. On top of that I had a very bad experience at Barnes & Noble. I usually love my B&N, but the staff that were there Saturday were wholly unpleasant and the magazine I went for was not on the stand yet.

ANTS are taking over. My poor puppy, his Dingo treat was totally covered with ants when he came upstairs last night. Although he is supposed to be a hunter warrior dog, he came whining to me. So I put down my knitting, pause my audiobook, and go and see what is freaking him out. No problem, I grab the treat, go and rinse it off - washing the little colony down the drain. I wait a few minutes then I see a few more sneak out of the twists and rinse again. I go out in the hall - no pup pup, I go back in my room no dog to be found. He went back downstairs and back to sleep. So I popped his Dingo into a snack bag and tried to remember he gives me unconditional love when I have bad days and you should never kick a dog when he's down (or sleep).

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