Saturday, January 05, 2008

OMG No Ravelry

I could not log in to Ravelry a couple of nights ago. I did not panic, I knit.

I could not log in last night or so far today. What could this mean? Have they reached their Beta peak? The last few times I did get in, there were well over 1400 Ravelers logged in. Have we overloaded the system with our stash??? Oh dear, I hope not. My greatest fear of course is all the work I put into my notebook may be lost - heaven and hell forbid!!!


Petra said...

Several weeks ago on a friday night I had the same problem. I also have these problems on eb*y on weekend nights. I guess it's just too many people wanting to do just the same thing on exact the same time ;-)

Margie said...

I didn't have any power yesterday and was having Ravelry withdrawals myself. Luckily I could see to knit and had a project with me.

Margie said...

I didn't have power yesterday and was suffering from Ravelry withdrawals too. Luckily I had some socks to work on and it was daylight.