Thursday, January 03, 2008

Note to Self

Mystery Sock Bags
Step 2: Winding Hanks Into Balls
The Duet accent yarn is too small for a swift. Cherry Tree Hill, Claudia Hand Paints and probably Shi Bui are all too big for the swift so the yarn catches on the ends of the spindles. All above must be hand wound on the regular ball winder, not the electric ball winder.

Another Note to Self.
Post more comments!!!! on EVERYBODY'S BLOGS !!!!! I just discovered, to my heartfelt disappointment, that Carrie Dennision of BritKnit Cast has decided not to resume her podcast. When I brought up the site to see when she would be starting the new series, there was a note in the sidebar that she will not be back. Below the note were links to other knitting and fiber podcasts that Carrie liked. Of all the links only 2 of the podcasts are still on the air. I have also been popping into some of my favorite blogs and seeing that there have not been any postings on some of them since the summer or before ( ahem, before Ravelry - just saying ). So for those bloggers who are still making the time to share and post I have got to leave comments EVERY TIME I visit, before they too are gone. Carry of Autumn Breeze Designs does the Knit Wit podcasts and she says comments are the biggest thrill of all. So I must also make time to visit my podcasters, even if I don't need to read the show notes, and just let them know I appreciate their time.

Last point on this, I have been spending so much time keeping up my Ravelry Notebook, which in turn requires keeping up my Library Thing and Flickr sites. My blog posts have therefore become fewer and further between. I am not sure I like this result. After all, blogging is how I discovered this online crafting world, and not everyone is into Ravelry. Balance is definitely needed. And Lord knows there is plenty knitting to do . . .


Virtuous said...

Yes I definitely love e-presents!
And try to sprinkle some your way too! I would hate for your blog not to be here one day. But from what I read I wouldn't have to worry about that! Yah! :o)

Anonymous said...

I too usually don't leave a comment, but I read your blog regularly and would miss is if is was gone. So keep up the good work. Donna in CT