Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Knitting Faeries

Okay I was a wee bit skeptical when Dharmafey started her podcast with a little tip for dealing with uncooperative yarn and such, controlled by Naughty Knitting Faeries. But having tinked rows 70-73 of my shawl project four times I said, what the hey I will give it a try. Dharmafey's advice was to take off your top and turn it inside out, and if things are really bad - backwards too. Put it back on and get back to your problem yarn or misbehaving knitting. Silly no?!?! Well I was very frustrated and disappointed that I could not get past this point on my Spring Shawl Surprice. The time I was spending tinking was time I meant to spend turning the heels on the two socks I am knitting. I gave in, what was there to lose, the dog thinks nothing of backwards clothing on his mom. So I took my sweater off and turned it inside out and put it back on. I made it to ROW 80 with no further problems and I completed the other 8 rows of Clue 2 last night. Wow, knitting faeries, who would of thought . . .I have dealt with computer gremlins before, but knitting faeries?!?!

I received my Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 4 partner, yay. I am ready to shop. I have so many ideas they are bursting out of my head. I have lots of things I want to get out to the Slytherins too. Luckily I have this long weekend to pull all of these things together. The Alumnis are getting on my case about us being behind in house points.

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