Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back, Sort of

Another Family Reunion over done with and gone. I am back from Las Vegas and all caught up on laundry and e-mails. Some of my 52 Pair Plunge socks got delivered and were very well received. I knit almost a complete plain sock on the car ride in STR Minestone colorway. I still have the foot and toe decreases to complete. There was a nice sitting area in the room for knitting. Cute snacks like this little tapioca pudding. I am sore all over from having to load and unload the car so many times. Too bad those valets and bell caps can't come home with you!!! Hi guys, miss you Francois and Darin!!!

I was disappointed in the performance of my Jordana Paige knitting satchel. It popped open constantly. In the trunk, in the car, on the luggage cart. I tried removing projects, but the contents didn't make a difference. The coin purse closure just does not stay securely fastened.

I need to rip back some of my Six Sox KAL Gansey Sock. I was interrupted and when I picked it back up the cuff had flipped to the inside, and I knitted the wrong way around. Such a silly mistake.

I have four pattern repeats left to finish my Blue Monkey socks. I thought I was going to finish the second sock over the weekend but could not get any time to knit until Sunday. I finished the heel and the first gusset repeat.

No other progress on any other wips. I did find out that my Cousin CT who lives in Las Vegas is an avid crocheter and my Cousin CH from Flint, MI is a knitter. I wish we lived closer to each other. It is good to be home. Now I can return to a regular reading and knitting schedule. I need to go to Ravelry and see if I have any new friends or messages in the forums.

Ciao for now.


Adrienne said...

Oh no! sorry about your bag, but thanks for the warning!!!! Glad you had a good trip though!

PAJNSTL said...

Glad you're back!