Thursday, August 16, 2007

Moving on

I finished my Minestone socks last night and I am currently decreasing the gusset stitches of that Floral Anklet from hell. Almost done. I swear I cannot wait to get that sucker off my needles. My rewards have arrived. Not sure which ones though. My Roomie says there are five packages awaiting me, but she did not have her glasses on so she could not read the labels to me. There is an Amazon box and a Terry's Village box. The other three are anonymous shippers. Since I have pending orders from Amazon USA and Amazon UK that info wasn't very enlightening. The Terry's Village box is no biggie, some early Christmas shopping - mostly for my furry son. I got him some personalized dog accessories and such. Nothing as nice as his Coach collars, but I think he'll like them. Also, UPS does not come until around 5 pm so there may be more.

Latest Obsession: Bayerische by Eunny. I have been Excel-ing the charts and pattern all day. I now have it memorized because I did not notice that auto correct was changing one of my abbreviations. I had to go through each of the charts symbol by symbol to check it. Anyway, the other million and three projects I am working on will have more company tonight. Hopefully one out of five is my Loopy Ewe package with the Woolly Boully or Louet I want to use for this pattern. I have looked at all 61 Bayerische projects in Ravelry. I know which yarns show the stitches best, and I see that most people have not even come close to finishing the pair. That just makes it more exciting for me.

I won some really cute sockly items on eBay for my swap pals. I think they will get a giggle out of them. My Bellatrix sock is looking better as it grows, but the sock balloons out at the top where the cuff ends. Kind of weird, but I really like the pattern. The Gansey sock is intense, I really like the finished product. It was a very good decision to go down in needle size for the Fawkes socks. They look so much better as I am reworking them.

I probably won't get time to post any pictures until Sunday, I'm moving on - getting my knit on.


Adrienne said...

Knit on then..knit on! LOL

Sheila said...

The Bayerische socks are going to look gorgeous with its cabling and twisted stitches.