Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ripping Good Times

If you are not on Ravelry and are just about sick of hearing about it, skip this first paragraph.
I have much more incentive, and seemingly the ability, to get my projects done now that they are all in Ravelry. I can see pictures and status bars of all of them all in one place. I open up the projects screen and decide which projects are closest to completion or have a deadline and I focus on that project until it is complete. I also have a chance to re-assess some of the projects that need to be changed or abandoned. Looking at photos of socks in progress really allows me to see that a yarn or pattern is not working out. Hence, this "ripping good times" post. I have read too many postings of Ravelers who know something was wrong with a project; either their pattern or yarn choice, but finished the project anyway. Then they either ripped it all out, hated it and never wore it, or gave it away. I don't see the point in doing all that work for nothing. I also use the postings of other Ravelers to see what their finished projects look like. I have looked at projects knitted in yarn that is in my stash. My queue is now almost equal to my stash list; a project for every yarn. Lots to do!!! I have discovered a new way to pick projects for yarn, and yarns for projects. What a great resource Jess and Casey have created!!

It's time to do some ripping. I keep looking at the photos of my Horcrux Sock in STR Monsoon. That yarn is just like the Lisa Souza Lime & Violet colorway. You have to select the right pattern or the yarn looks like crap. There is no stitch definition with this yarn, which means I need to rip the Horcrux socks out. I have given up on this yarn, this is the fourth pattern I have tried. I am going to just knit some plain stockinette socks and get this yarn out of my stash. Same with the Lisa Souza L&V, I even tried some crochet patterns with that yarn. No go. It will become some plain stockinette socks too. Lisa gives you so much yarn to the hank that I will probably get at least three pairs of socks out of the two hanks I bought. I am also considering ripping out both of my hibernating shawl patterns. Too much time has passed. I have notes on where to resume, but don't feel inclined to do so. As much as I hate the thought of casting on hundreds of stitches again, I think it will be worth it in the end for both shawls.

Casting On
I am going to use a plain solid colored yarn for the Horcrux socks. I really like the pattern and it knits up so fast. I should be able to get back to this point in the pattern with a solid sock yarn in no time. The Candle Flame Shawl and the Print O' The Waves were not the best patterns to start with using lace weight yarns. I think I will restart them in October in fingering weight yarns.

Lots of ball winding needs to be done. I am adding so many socks to my queue and I want to get them cast on. I have enough pairs of sock needles to get them all on the go, but the yarn is still in hanks and skeins. I need to get some more yarn balls and bricks wound up. I think it's time to get out my lovely electric ball winder.

Casting Off
I am doing the toe decreases on my second Jigsaw Sock, they are so pretty squishy and soft. I am also doing the toe decreases on my first STR Tiger's Eye stockinette sock. I will finish both of them tonight. I will focus on and finish my Six Sock KAL Gansey sock Thursday and Friday nights. I want to wear my Forest Canopy Shawl in September at the CGOA/TKGA Conference, so I will focus on that Saturday. I have 5 Netflix DVDs coming to watch while I wind up balls of yarn and finish my shawl.

Moving ON
Sunday I will cast on the Horcrux in something solid, and work on my Bellatrix and Fawkes. Moving on * moving forward * and keeping lots of little toes warm.


Adrienne said...

You always have a lot going on!!! lol

Lisa said...

You are so right about ravelry!! It's nice to know where you're at and what you're doing with every project.