Friday, August 10, 2007

No Toe Nagini

I am dropping Nagini from my Loopy Groupie Challenge and Harry Potter Along queues. I don't enjoy toe up sock knitting and the pattern is not easily converted to cuff down, I worked on it a bit yesterday and I have decided not to spend my knitting time rewriting patterns. I would rather spend my time actually knitting socks. So I am going to replace Nagini with the Horcrux Sock pattern and I will probably still use the STR Monsoon yarn.
Dharmafey was able to get a pair of Fawkes out of her skein of Firebird on 1.5 s so I am going to rip those out and drop down to size ones also. Shoot, it looks like I am going to have to buy more size one needles. I only have one pair, and one of them is a 32" from the days when I thought I might like magic loop - which I don't.
That pair of mismatched size ones is still tied up in my Lace Style Floral Anklet second sock. I hate that pattern with a passion. But I am going to complete the pair anyway. I got through two more repeats last night, 3 repeats left before I can turn the heel. Yuck. This is the only pair of socks that still has a second sock on the needles after a considerable amount of time. It's the pattern, I dread rotating around to that project bag.

I guess I am going to have to go shopping at Knit Picks again - heavy sigh. Claudia e-mailed me, my Wollmeise is on its way. I need to check on my Australia shipment however. It was shipped 15 days ago, and was due to arrive in 10 days via Australia International Airmail. It's my lovely striping yarn for my Ravenclaw Pal. Gotta get it so I can cast on my Harry Potter Sock Swap Two socks.

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