Sunday, August 12, 2007

Progresso Moi

I finally got through the first 30 rows of my 6 Sox KAL Gansey Socks. They are really time intensive. I like the complexity and the texture of the cables. But, it is a slow pattern with charts a, b and c combined in varied order with purls in between. The pattern repeat is 20 rows, but you only have to work it 3 times on the legs. It is also very difficult to photograph the detail. This Sundara yarn is a pain in the butt. It does not stay wrapped in a ball and it tangles if you pull more than a foot of yarn out at a time. I have two more hanks of this yarn. I really don't look forward to working with it.

I wish I had more time to work on the Bellatrix socks. They are so simple and I like dropping the Yos. Maybe I will devote a night this week just to them. I should be able to finish one of them up with a couple of hours dedicated to them. Although the colorway is Ravenclaw stripe, the gray stripe is really dark, not silver at all.

I turned the heel on my Jigsaw sock. The colors in the Lornas Laces Black Watch are so pretty in this pattern. I am glad I changed to this yarn.

I love STR Heavyweight socks. They are so soft and comfortable. My road trip pair is coming along. I have cast on the second sock and completed the cuff. I used the markers every ten rows as mentioned in the Knit Picks podcast so I will knit the same amount of rows in the second sock.

The Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl is coming along. It is the perfect first lace project. You get immediate gratification as it grows on your needles. There is a simple 8 row repeat. I am using STR Pucks Mischief. It really lets the colors show nicely.

I ripped out the Fawkes and Regia socks. I have cast on the Horcrux Socks in STR Monsoon. I have to work the toe decreases on the Floral Lace Anklets and sew the toe. Then that pattern will be ceremoniously burned.


Adrienne said...

Looking great!!!!!

Monique said...

Bev I don't know if you read my blog or not, but my machine is a Singer 360.
BTW, love the socks especially the Monkey See...
Great work!