Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Out of Time

I have absolutely no time to take photos of my WIPS. I have been working on socks - DUH! - and the Canopy Shawl, which is so easy and fast. At the same time I have had to type and print family reunion programs, cookbooks, newsletters, name badges and registration lists for this weekend. Also, putting together goodies bags and finding door prizes. Our family is gathering at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, NV for our reunion. I have had no time to take pictures. ** Note to self: charge the camcorder and pack some clothes ** I have not been able to visit Ravelry much either. ** Note 2 to self: check all e-mail accounts, and put Half.com on vacation status**

I will probably finish a few things this weekend, we are driving so that's lots of knitting time. The Fawkes pattern is really beautiful in the STR Firebird yarn, but I am running through this ball of yarn like mad. I hate to say it, but I may have to rip this sock out. If I cannot get a sock out of one hank of STR at 350 yards, I will rip them out. The designer tells you from the get go that the cabling eats up yarn - with that in mind I bought a second hank of Firebird. But, I still thought I would only need 50 or so yards from the second hank to complete the pair. But at this rate, I will just get the first sock out of this hank of yarn. I don't think a single pair of socks should require 700 yards of Socks That Rock yarn. Too expensive. I will buy some solid yarn, like Regia Silk or Louet Gems and reknit them at less cost. It would really be a shame though cause they are gorgeous so far. Well I will have the memories, the photos and the yarn - starting to sound like a really good idea!! We'll see after I finish the last repeat of the leg portion.

We have to drop the baby off at his Auntie's on the way out of town. He is going to get spoiled - she has been wanting him over for a visit for a while. My poor sister has serious back problems and will not be going to the reunion, the first one she has ever missed. I will have to bring her something really good from Vegas. Mom's doing well and is looking forward to seeing everybody. Most of the recipes in the cookbook are hers. Yummy.

My Knit Alongs all start tomorrow. I am all ready.


Adrienne said...

You are a busy woman!! LOL, I still haven't started on my socks.... *sigh* lol

PAJNSTL said...

Whew! Just reading list... LOL You MUST show us your cape "SUPER WOMAN"

Have fun on Vegas!