Saturday, August 25, 2007

Danke Claudia

I received a shipment of Wollmeise from Claudia. It is gorgeous. I can see what all the fuss was about. I am impressed with the colors of course, but the volume was a complete surprise. The hanks are 574 yards / 150 grams. There were several weights and color density choices, but the information was in metrics and European terminology.

I made my best guess which would be the weight I like to knit socks out of. But I thought it was the 343 yards hanks. I am thrilled that it is this amount instead. 150 grams - Excellent!!! I wish she was closer and that I did not have to pay the exchange rates, I think Wollmeise would replace Socks That Rocks as my favorite yarn if it were more convenient to buy. Yeah, I know Sheri will be selling it at the Loopy Ewe, but I am not one to be sitting around in front of the computer waiting for restocking posts.

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Petra said...

I met Claudia this past weekend at a wool festival close to my home (10 min car ride). I went home with "Veilchen" and "Poison #5". I met her once before at the same festival two years ago and went home with "Kuerbis" (=pumpkin), totally my colors ;-)