Sunday, August 19, 2007

Well I have a few pairs of socks to finish up, some homework for the conference and some hanks to wind into balls. I will need to stay off Ravelry for a few nights, which is getting easier to do now that I have entered my projects, queue, and most of my sock stash. I will be working on my Swap Pal packages and their gift socks as well. That should all be good blog material, but on the other hand I will get more done if I stay out of Blogger for awhile too. This weekend I did not turn on the TV, I did not get more knitting done than with the movies last weekend.

I listened to most of Stephen Fry reading The Order of The Phoenix. I think I prefer Jim Dale. Some of the pronunciations are downright annoying. His female voices are more natural though and easier to take. I am comparing them as I listen. I have favorite lines and scenes in the Jim Dale audiobooks.

I have a few podcasts to listen to this week. I saved them on purpose. I have a few more packages en route. The postman left a slip Friday re a package from Germany, but he did not redeliver it on Saturday. Idiot!!! My cousin came back to Cali after the family reunion and she took the box of yarn I was planning to send her to the post office and mailed it home herself. Cool. I think she will like the colors I gave her.

My brother would not let us do anything for his 50th birthday. I sent up some prayers of thanks for having him in my life and wished him a good day. I hope he had one. He was not home when I called today and he is off to Pebble Beach tonight. I'll have to wait to chat at him when he gets home.

Hmm now seems like a pretty good time to get started on my To Do list. Adieu!


Redford Phyl said...

It's nice to see that someone else prefers Jim Dale. Fry's slooow reading grates on my nerves.

Love the way your Forest Canopy is coming out. I have one on the needles in Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud that I really need to pick up again. I did one last year in a worsted weight acrylic that had been in my stash for probably 20 years. I need to try blocking it again — with more steam! Give me wool any day.

Virtuous said...

Well someone has been shopping and knitting!! :oD

That sock book looks interesting...what is the full title on it??

Bev Love said...

I am not sure which Sock Book you are looking at, click on the first book picture to enlarge it and you can see the title and authors.