Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tip for Yarn Ends

I was just watching Fons and Porter Love of Quilting and one of their viewers sent in a tip I think will work for me while knitting. When I work in the ends on my projects, do my seaming and snip off binding yarns on new hanks of yarn, the remnants never all stay on my work table. I am always having to retrieve the snippets of yarn and thread from the carpet. One of the FPLQ viewers suggested using coffee filters. I have tons of filters because I don't use a coffee pot that requires them any longer. And they are dirt cheap at the 99 cent store. So thanks for that tip, no more bending over scooping up bits and pieces of yarn that fly away.

Back to the basics. I have been neglecting my vest and jacket since I joined the sock knit alongs, I will be getting back to them this week. I plan on a minimum of one inch per garment each day. I should be able to knit up to the underarm shaping of both of them by next Sunday. That will be a major accomplishment with the vest because it is knit in the round all in one piece. Only the collar and button band will need to be knit once the armholes are complete. The Kenobi jacket will still need the front panels and sleeves. Looking forward to seeing those two projects materialize. I have five and half single socks completed. So as soon as their mates are done I will be all caught up for my sock KALs. It's like magic :D