Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Almost Worked

Well the brilliant idea I had for finishing almost worked :D First I could not wait until tonight to listen to IW, I had missed Toya and Adrienne too much and had to listen to the current episode first thing this morning. Ooohhh it sounds like they have been knit-napped. No sewing projects or scrapping. Have we converted two more?!? LOL I know the feeling, I still have a crocheted baby afghan that just needs a border and three promised crocheted scarves. I cannot stop knitting socks!!

I had laundry and such that needed attention downstairs so after coffee, a bagel and IW I started my chores. I managed to turn the heel on two socks and added 5 inches to my Kenobi Jacket and 4 inches to my Bookworm Vest. 3 more inches on my vest and I get to put in the pockets. Unfortunately it is in the mid to high 90s here and not very comfortable to knit wool garments bigger than a sock. I think I am going to have to put my jacket and vest on summer break. I am about to turn the heel on another sock. I will have 7 single socks completed by tomorrow. All of my size 3 needles will be empty again. Then I can cast on the mates. This is the last of my Memories yarn. I cannot wait to see the finished socks. All of the colors are so pretty, so far there is only one that is not so exciting, Cape Cod. I love all of the others. I am making my third pair with Redwood Forrest and my second pair with Pansy.

I have to give Mom a sponge bath and change her bandage. Then I'll be knitting the night away and catching up on a few more podcasts. I have Sticks and Strings, SSK, Lixie Knits It, Stash and Burn, Trueyarns, Yarn Thing, and Yarns From The Southland episodes to listen to tonight. I caught up with Lime & Violet and Plutonic Boyfriend, Inspirational Wednesday, and socksinthecity's podcasts this morning. Hey Carrie :D

A HUGE thank you to Phyl for the glass rubber ducky stitchmarkers. My swap pal Phyl discovered my little secret, I love rubber duckies in various little costumes and stuff. She sent me a set of GLASS duckies with sunglasses on - way too cute. I have a glass menagerie that I will probably add these to. I am afraid the Knit Picks Options needles tips will chip my duckies. The tips are pretty heavy and tend to bang about in my bags.

I hope to post photos this weekend. Saturday, before the big Mommy's Day invasion. My Mom has two biological children and two million adopted children. So I will need to clear the decks before Sunday for sure :D

One other thing CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES 2007. We have a college grad, Davi and a high school - off to college grad Catrina. I am so proud of both of them. They are amazing young ladies. Allan will be graduating in December and looked way to handsome for his prom I hear :D


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Glad to know mom is doing good! LOL

Yarn Thing said...

Hope mom is doing well!