Friday, May 25, 2007

I've Got My Sock Groove On Now

I am getting the last few pairs off the needles. I will be going back to work soon. Mom is back on her feet and getting around really well. I installed the rest of her helpers upstairs and the hospital bed is being picked up on Tuesday. In between time, I have been knitting my little socks off. Especially for Mom are these little beauties:

These Monkey Socks are a very fast knit. It seems like the heel goes on forever but it is the foot as well, so before you know it you are at the toe decreases. Very pretty in white. I think I want a pair too. But that is way in the future. My sock queue is FULL.

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Knit Picks Memories
Redwood Forest Colorway
Cuff down stockinette
Size Small (6-8 Women's)
Size 3 KP Classic Circulars

I might get through another pair of Knit Picks Memories socks this weekend. The Pansy sock is about two inches from the toe decrease. I can cast on Pansy sock two tonight and get to the heel turn. I was getting some shopping done and lunching with my girlfriend C today so I did not get any knitting in. I did get to photo my progress though.

Tomorrow is a mini-Sister's day outing. So I probably won't get much knitting in tomorrow either. Perhaps I should be getting off the computer and getting my knit on - no?!?


Redford Phyl said...

Great to see that your Mom is doing so well. Please give her my best. I've been thinking positive healing thoughts that her recovery would be as fast and complete as my husband's was. It's rough surgery, but with the right surgeon and therapy, the results are worth it.

Bev Love said...

Hi Phyl,
Thanks so much for everything. Those good thoughts worked their magic. She has been released from supervised physical therapy. She can walk without her cane and does every now and then. She has cooked a little. She is gearing up for my return to work. She has not figured out the sock-puller-upper yet but she is using all of the rest of her hip kit and is feeling no pain. I will tell her you said hello.
Hugs and stitches,

Adrienne said...

So glad to see that your mom is doing good! love the socks!!!!! the white ones are BEAUTIFUL!