Saturday, May 26, 2007

Monkeys for Mom, More for Sis and STR for Me

My Mother always encouraged my creativity. She oohed and awed sufficiently over my paintings, drawings, sculptures and needlework creations. She taught me to embroider and tried to teach me to sew. But whatever the finished item she praised me. I have overheard her recently telling people how beautiful my socks are. She says " you just have to see them, the colors, and they are so soft and warm." She only wears her Yukon socks around the house though :D So these are for her. Some very pretty, very soft Silky Wool socks. Cause I have to agree with her, I made some very pretty socks.

Woohoo, my sister loves her socks!!! She just popped into my room and said she had a bone to pick with me. That I should never give a person only one pair of socks. She loves her Yukon socks and she has worn and washed them two times. She wants more. I poured out the pairs I made for the 52 Pair Plunge and let her pick another pair. She was quite happy with that.

I have finally broken the 4 mile mark in the Lime and Violet Sock Yarn Marathon. I have knit 7172 yards of sock yarn (18 pairs of socks completed) and 440 yards (single socks). Cool. I wish the 52 Pair Plunge had started at the same time as the Marathon. I can only count 10 of those pairs in my Plunge total. :{
Not done yet!! I am ready for another boost of Socks That Rock, maybe my 24 Karat or Lemongrass colorways, or both :D. My first go with the superwash lightweight Socks That Rock. I still have my two Rockin Sock Club colorways to knit too. Sockalicious. Gotta go, gotta knit. Ciao!


Adrienne said...

These are BEAUTIFUL! So glad your sis likes her socks!

Elysbeth said...

4 miles! Congratulations.

Yarn Thing said...

Fantastic Monkeys!!!