Friday, May 18, 2007

Snape and Gossipers

Snape heard the complete prophecy. Trelawney told Harry about Snape interrupting her interview with Dumbledore. Trelawney goes into a trance when she is “seeing” and does not remember her prophecies. But she distinctly remembers Snape being discovered outside the door when she is with Dumbledore. Snape was not caught until the prophecy was complete. Dumbledore was wrong when he said Snape only heard the first half of the prophecy, or he was lying to Harry. Trelawney does not have multi-part prophecies. Snape did not tell Voldemort the whole prophecy though. That is why Voldemort wanted to hear the version kept at the Ministry. He would have discovered Snape’s treachery if he had received the orb containing the prophecy. Voldemort obviously suspects there was more to it and that the part he did not hear affects his ability to deal with Harry.

Dumbledore hired Trelawney to protect her after she made the prophecy. Dumbledore did not hire Snape for almost two more years. When Umbridge questions Trelawney she says she has been working at Hogwarts for 16 years. When Umbridge questions Snape he says he has been working at Hogwarts for 14 years. Where was he for almost 2 years?

Why was Ron put into a dormitory with Neville, Dean, Seamus, and Harry? All of the boys were muggle or squib like except Ron. Neville is practically a squib even though he is a pureblood. Dean has Muggle parents. Seamus has a Muggle father. Harry had a Muggle mother. How did Ron end up in this mix??

Why in the world does no one think to ask blabber mouth Hagrid about Tom Riddle and the Marauders? Hagrid was Voldemort’s classmate!!! How could Harry possibly resist grilling Hagrid about Voldemort? Hagrid was at Hogwarts when Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lilly, and James all went to school there. Seven years of their life he witnessed and Harry asks him practically nothing about them – unreal. Hagrid was at Hogwarts when Snape was hired, he knows what happened to all of the other potions masters and defense against the dark arts professors. Why did they never ask him about any of that? What a glaring omission for three really nosy students like Harry, Hermione and Ron!!!! Or the other total blabber mouth who witnessed the last 50 years at Hogwarts, Moaning Myrtle.

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