Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sisters Day

My Sister and I spend a few days per year together and we have deemed them Sister Day. Sometimes we go to the Spa and get the works, or we stay in light the fireplace and watch Gone With the Wind or Big Country. Mostly we SHOP and EAT. Today we did the Shop and Eat Sisters Day. We have a new shopping area near my house that has the biggest and best Barnes and Noble I have ever gone to. Today I stocked up on European knitting magazines and updated my list of "to buy" knitting books. I also bought another place markers bookmark, one of my favorite pattern place holders.

Magazine Reviews:
Simply Knitting printed in England - Issue 25 March
Cutest darn knit toy patterns I have ever seen. A whole farm's worth.
Free Gift - Knitter's Magnetic Needle Case including two yarn needles and 6 glass bead top pins.
Tons of adds and websites, puzzles, contests and knitting event information.
I finally got to see the Wensleydale Winter Warmer pattern stitches I have heard Carrie Ann Dennison talk about on the BritKnit Podcast. Brilliant. Now it's all coming together Carrie Ann!!
I liked this magazine and would definitely buy it again.

Knit Today printed in England February
Wow, what can I say - it was like knitting and the 164 Crayola Crayon box were cross bred. They feature a lot of Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mabley. Not my style. Lots of patterns, not my style either. The one pattern I would probably knit was on page 45 - a Backpack (Purple Holdall or rucksack in English terms). But I am afraid their yarn suggestion would not work for me - Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, for a backpack??? Don't think so.
I love the layout of this magazine. There is a photo of the designer, and the yarn. The instructions and patterns are so well done. I so wish their patterns were more my style, the patterns would be a joy to work through.
Free Gift - a sock pattern book featuring lace knee high socks, a pair of beaded socks and self patterning socks. I found a patterrn in this little supplement that I am going to knit - I have the yarn already in my stash. How about that :) gotta love it. They are checkerboard socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Yarn.
I probably would not buy this magazine again. Not enough applicable content for me.

Knitter's Winter 2006
(I know Knitty Delicious would hold up two crossed fingers to ward off the evil that is Knitter's Magazine, but . . .)
There is a winter white cabled sweater on the cover of this magazine that I just must knit. I LOVE IT. Page 80 - called Sno-White designed by Norah Gaughan. The cables form a butterfly on the front. And it is plus sized!!! NO MATH. The other miracle of miracles is I also have the yarn for this sweater already in my stash. Karabella no less. I am so excited. I have not decided what color yet, I have 20 skeins of several different Karabella Aurora 8 and Bulky colors that I bought when Webs marked it down to near $5.00. Heaven.
Considering I paid $8.00 for a Karabella pattern, and this whole magazine was less than $6.00, I would definitely consider buying it again.

I bought Beautiful Knitting Patterns by Gisela Klopper. A great pattern book, well photographed and charted. I can see myself curled up with this tonight and big glass of ice tea. Or maybe a Tim Tam or two with ice cold water.

Added to my TO BUY list:
Modern Classics by Louisa Harding
Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle
Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd

After the bookstore we went to World Market where I stocked up on my imported treats, Kiwi and Peach gummies from Asia, Cadbury Chocolate from England, Tim Tams from Australia, and a little something something for my Lime and Violet MB Swap Pal.

Next was Bed Bath and Beyond where I got all of the essentials for my Dear Mom who will be having hip replacement surgery in April. She loved the bed tray and new coffee pot!!

On to Avenue and Lane Bryant - I sat in the Husband Chair and let my Sis do her thing. I have more clothes than I do yarn - nuff said??

We went to Target on a search for a Microwave for upstairs - during Mom's recovery. No mikey wave, but I still came outta there with 3 big bags, how the heck did that happen? Oh yeah, the goodies for my swap pal and the Little Debbies. A few essentials for my dog child.

Speaking of my Dog Child, I put a doggie door in for him. My Mom and Indy have a ritual, if she is too involved in TV, talking on the phone, or just busy with something other than him - he has to go OUT, RIGHT THEN. So to give his Granny a break, I put in a Doggy Door with my Sister's help this morning. He knows how to use it already - I've got a smart kid; but he keeps looking at my Mom until she gets up, comes over and watches him use it. I tell ya, those two. LOL :b

I Digress

After Target we headed to Chili's for burgers. There was no parking within a mile so we hit Beverages or More. I got a miniature bottle of Frangelico, and a bottle of Chocolate Martini Mixer. Yumm. Although I quickly learned not to drink and knit lace. By the time this little diversion was completed we got a parking place within 1/4 mile of the restaurant. We had a great lunch. Old Timers with Iced Tea and Lemonade. Double Yumm.

Then we headed back to my house and did the big unloading of the car. I had some Fearless Fibers (from in the post. Thrilling, the colors are so gorgeous that I have not been able to bring myself to ball wind any of it yet. Forgive me Deb. I play with it a lot, and have selected dozens of patterns to knit with it. I think I now have 7 skeins. Every time I take it out to wind it and start a project I put it back. It's collectible. To be appreciated and - so far - not used.

We came home and rotated Mom's mattress, ooh and ahh over the child when he used his doggy door (to get to the Pupperoni I put out on the deck), and I cut up all of the cardboard boxes from my stash enhancement and new pillows purchased last week. DONE, put a fork in me I am done!!

My Sister has gone home and I am back upstairs playing with my socks, and projects, and of course my new Fearless Fibers Yarns. I am going to have to catch up on photos tomorrow.
Another Wonderful Sister Day comes to a happy contented end.

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